Thursday, April 16, 2009

One room

I had to vacuum again yesterday because of Allans new tattoo.
But it's ok, in a tiny apartment like this one, it only takes about 10 minutes.

All this apartment was really missing was a bed side table, which we now have, cause i found a small ironing board in the closet
Fresh laundry

Today is the day we're finally going to visit the Ghibli Museum, home of all things Miyazaki.
It's gonna be amazing (unless they kick me out for trying to sneak on the cat bus).


  1. God tur! Og held og lykke med cat bus'en! Be sneaky like a ninja!

  2. i want to see allan's backpiece progress. Please put some pics =)

  3. Yeah, why not ask Allan for that?
    He has a very nice blog of his own.

    This is Amalie's blog, where i (Amalie) post pictures of my laundry and cute japanese socks and cockroaches in my kitchen!

  4. Yes, yes i was.
    They weren't too gross though, but i'll spare you the details anyway!