Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mmmm, awesome day

We had an early start today, a little too early for my taste since i did not have a good nights sleep.
But it was for a good cause, so i didn't mind (much).

Morning, we met up with Toshi to go to the Kyosai museum, in a suburb of northern Tokyo (JR Nishi-Kawaguchi Station, about 30 minutes north of Tokyo on the Keihin-Tohoku Line).
It was a cute little museum in the middle of a residential area.
It only had three little rooms, but they were packed with goodies.
Sadly, no pictures were allowed inside, so you'll have to look up the genius that is Kawanabe Kyosai for yourself if you want to know what i got up early for.

There was a little café too, and the small museum shop had the best Kyosai books we had ever seen, and cheap too
The man really liked frogs
Cutest creamers in the café
At the station
Afternoon, after the awesome museum we decided that since we were practically in the neighborhood, we might as well go to Ueno and buy my grandfather a gold Rorax watch.
He actually asked me to buy him one, he likes the one i have and in spite of the name, it's a great watch.
It even has the little crown and everything!
So to Ameyoko we went, got the watch and enjoyed the unique mood of this old Tokyo shopping street.

Dried squid and peanuts (the fly is free)
You don't come to Ameyoko for the tasteful clothes...
My man and his beloved Canon
Toshi had to go to a party, so we split up at Ikebukuro.
Back at Inkrat we called Mattias who was in the area.
We went to mister donut for some coffee and, yeah, you guessed it, donuts.
Rei was feeling really sick, but he still came by and joined us for coffee and Angel Cream donuts before heading home to sleep.

I may or may not have a couple of mister donut cups, saucers and spoons in my kitchen sink right now... don't ask

Evening, around dinner time it started raining like crazy, a thunderstorm passed by too.
Me, Allan and Hata went out for dinner at an Izakaya by the station and we ended up staying for a long time, eating, drinking (not me, i needed water after all the crap i ate today) eating some more, talking and telling eachother ghost stories.*

Hanging out with so many of our friends in one day, AND going to a museum dedicated to Allans favorite artist was pretty special.
If getting up early always means having a day like this one, i may start doing it more often.

*If i ever end up in the woods around Mt. Fuji, send out a search party before the evil spirits make me hang myself!


  1. Mostly I'm jealous of all the amazing food, lucky!

  2. YAY for de cuteste creamers, coolt kamera (selvom jeg synes linsen er lidt lille?), for venner, og for gratis nyt kaffestel! (I do it too, he he).