Saturday, April 4, 2009

Masakichi Hirano Museum

First real day in Akita and so far i like it here.
Our hotel is inside a mall, that's inside the train station.
Very convenient!
After checking out the shop in daylight (we saw it last night real quick) and hanging out for a while i realized it was already late and i had to get to the museum before it closed.
I'd drawn a map from the one on their website (and added Kaoris notes, like "Starbucks this corner, pass Tower records").
It worked fine, getting around in Japan really is easy.

The garden in front of the museum
Impressive/a little ugly
There's my guy!
Of course i couldn't take pictures inside the museum.
I did try, since there were no signs, but i got caught.
But they did have a very nice Foujita collection.
All the signs were in Japanese, so i have no idea what the paintings were called or where they were made (unless he'd written it on the painting itself) and that sucked a little.
But overall it was great.
They had some paintings i knew, a lot of his later work that i'd never seen and a ton of sketches.
I also found out that he painted the worlds largest oil painting in just 15 days.
It was called "Events of Akita" and was apparently commissioned by the founder of the museum.
I bought lots of postcards and a couple of prints.

After the museum i went up hill.
It looked like there was a park or something up there and i got curious, as i tend to do.
There was indeed something up there, the remains of a castle, a park and temples.
Good stuff.

I went inside this little house
It was empty except for the lamps
A nice spot for a juice break (no shoes on the tatami)
By the temple
If you go to a park, temple or even a station toilet in Japan, it'll probably look like this
Like a Swedish summer house, only, you know, holy and stuff
Torii gate
Fox and fox jr.
Part of the old castle (i didn't go in, it was only 100 Yen, but i wasn't that interested to be honest)

I sat on a bench for a while, thinking about my life and stuff like that (i may have even talked out loud a bit, it's a bad habit of mine) when i heard a loud SPLAT right next to me.
A large bird shit had missed me by a few cm.
I figured it was time to go back after that, so i cursed at the large, tourist-hating crow and went back to the shop.
I'm just gonna leave out the part where i went shopping, cause you've seen enough of that.
Instead you get a blurry outfit-of-the-day mirror picture.

From Cotton Pickin, the best (only?) tattoo studio in Akita


  1. Ah! Det lyder som en god dag, lige bortset fra kragelorten! Ad! Og de der toiletter er heller ikke imponerende, men man vænner sig vel til dem..?

  2. ooo the old castle and stuff reminds me of spirited away!

  3. There was another building in the park that looked abandoned, and that one so reminded me of spirited away. I even stood there looking at it for a while, almost expecting a light to be turned on and spirit visitors to arrive.
    That was fun!

    Hmm, de er nu ikke så gale de toiletter, eller også er jeg bare ikke så sart.
    Men man skal nu passe på med tasker, tørklæder og den slags.
    Og så har jeg hørt om en meget uheldig turist med meget lange dreadlocks (hehe) så dem skal man også passe på med!