Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday was rainy and gray, so i decided to go to Laforet in Harajuku and do some indoor shopping.
There was lots of great stuff, as usual, but none of it was really working for me.
I was being very practical, doing a quick recon round with the camera, and then i went back and tried on the stuff on the visual shopping list.
But it just didn't work out.

Laforet, across from The Gap
These were kind of cute, but the legs were tight, and they were too loose around the hips

After Laforet i took a walk down Takeshita Street, but i just wasn't feeling it.
Too many tourists, too many umbrellas, too many annoying people.
So i turned around and headed for Shibuya instead.

At Mocha i finally found something cute, i bought this dress, that i plan on wearing to Tiki Tiki tonight
I loved the bunny print, but the fabric was clingy and horrible, so i didn't get this one
I also bought this slightly over-the-top dress that i might never wear, but the though of someone else buying it was just killing me... and it was cheap.
Allan saw a picture of me wearing it and freaked out, cause he thought it had shoulder pads, so i won't post that picture (it does not have shoulder pads, just puffy sleeves, i may be a little quirky, but i'm not insane!)

I had a quick Matcha latte at Excelsior*, and then i met up with the Geek Patrol (Allan, Mattias and all their cameras) at Tower Records.
We soon went out to dinner, Mattias knew a killer ramen spot.
Nothing like really good ramen and gyoza.
After a quick photo shoot at Shinjuku St. (the geeks found some good light) we headed back to Koenji to watch a movie on the computer and eat some apple pie!

Allan has a new toy
Apple and sweet potato pie from Shinjuku St. (and a little vanilla ice cream on top)

* remind me to rant about their ridiculous smoking/non smoking sections sometime, grrrr.

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