Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cause i'm a walker, baby

Yesterday, early morning, we went to Yokohama.
Allan was getting tattooed and i always go with him to keep him company until they get started.
The day before i had been walking around Yoyogi/Harajuku/Shinjuku for hours even though i'd promised my legs i wouldn't, so i was in quite a bit of pain.
I have to add that i'd also made the mistake of trying out a new morning workout routine that previous morning.
Big mistake.

But i couldn't very well sit in the shop all day, not when the weather was so great.
Also, i didn't have a book or anything, so i had absolutely nothing to do.

So i hopped on a few trains and went to the Minato Mirai area.
For no other reason than the fact that i hadn't been there before.
I got up from the underground station and was about to take a picture of a very tall building, when my camera asked me to please insert a memory card.
Yeah, i'd left it in the computer cause i'm a fuckin genius.
So all of the following pictures are from the iPhone.

Quad, camera, action
A very sterile looking area
Lots of white buildings and not much else

I had no real plan, so i just started walking.
I saw a sign that said "Rinko Park, 220 m."
So i decided to go there.
After about 220 m. i saw another sign that said "Rinko Park, 660 m."
What the hell, Yokohama?
Of course it's not that far, but i still felt cheated.

The park is right on the waterfront
In case of emergency
There were lots of people hanging out and enjoying the weather
I had left my trusty hat at home, so i had to make a head scarf out of my t-shirt (good thing i'm a layer-girl)
I wore my new pink netting socks
Fruit tree

I walked back towards the Landmark Tower.
On the 69th floor of that building they have the highest observatory in Japan, so the view is supposed to be spectacular.
I made it as far as the elevator.
What? I've had enough heights for one week.

Not sure what was going on here, but whatever it was, this guy was unaffected by it

After reaching Sakuragicho St. i figured that i might as well walk instead of taking the train for the last two stops.
The last two, long stops.
And i was already in pain.
Like i said, i'm a genius.

Somewhere in the Kannai area

When i got back, i went down Motomachi shopping street looking for some food and rest.
I found an Excelsior where i had some tea and a salad while i listened to a learn Japanese-podcast on my phone.

Matcha Latte and a spicy little salad
On my way back i ran into a whole army of long haired dachshunds, wearing way too much clothes for the warm weather (but they were still very cute)

Shige was a bit tired, so they finished early.
Or after six hours, but still early compared to last time.
We hung out and talked for a while before heading back to Koenji.
We fell asleep several times on the train back, which was nice.
I'd even fallen asleep at the shop a few times while they were taking pictures, so i must have been beat.

After dinner and some skyping with most of my family, and some friends who were visiting, we went to bed.
Early for once.

Today i promised Allan i wouldn't do any serious walking.
He even threatened to tie my shoelaces together, so i better just stay home.


  1. Tak for skype - I så glade ud! Jeg er ikke så god til webcams... men det var altså hyggeligt at høre din mor råbe "Gå op og sig hej til Malle" som om det var midten af firserne og du sad og tegnede eller et eller andet... og så se dig zappet ind fra Japan!

    Jeg fandt i øvrigt en masse faxer fra dig på loftet i Rude. De er fra 1994, de fleste...og det er teendrama for viderekomne, så sjovt..

    Man burde forsøge sig med en kop kaffe i solen, når I er hjemme?

  2. Ja tak til kaffe i solen!
    Det er noget spøjst noget, det skype stads, men vi er ved at vænne os til det!

    Jeg tror stadig jeg har alle dine faxer, i rulle from, så hvis du en dag bliver nysgerrig må du sige til.
    Og '94 var helt sikkert et dramatisk år, så meget kan jeg da huske!!