Thursday, April 2, 2009


We're leaving for Akita tomorrow.
It's just for the weekend, but i'm still gonna miss Tokyo.
But i am excited to see Hiro and Kaori.
Less excited about the idea of even colder weather, but i'll live.

Everyone says there's absolutely nothing to do there, but i just found out (by complete accident) that there's a museum there, which has Japans largest collection of paintings by my favorite (modern) japanese artist.
So there you go, that's another good reason to go to Akita, right?
If that turns out to be all there is, i have a bunch of books and magazines, so whatever i don't finish on the Shinkansen can entertain me while Allan is working.

I'll try to edit some pictures on the train (we had a great day of walking, shopping and taking pictures today), and if there's internet at the hotel i'll post some tomorrow.

I'm getting really excited about the museum in Akita, i hope they have a bunch of my favorite paintings and a good gift shop with prints!


  1. looks like you can go see his paintings both in akita and tokyo. (the poster says the national museum of modern art, tokyo.)

    have fun in akita. make sure to report the local food you get to eat there!

  2. I will!

    Sadly, this poster is from 2006, but i will go there anyway, maybe i can buy the poster at least!

  3. just goes to show you cannot trust "people" who say there is nothing to do somewhere. boring people are bored everywhere they go. interesting people are interesting and find interesting things everywhere they go. zo

  4. wow have a good staying!!
    and this is my friend's gallery. i think you'll like her articles.

  5. Ooh! (I love Wikipedia)- It is well-known for having the highest consumption of sake in Japan... I know you don't drink much, but you might need to get down on that!

  6. We have convinced our hosts to take us out for some local food tomorrow, so i'll have them throw in some sake too!