Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Copenhagen, i loathe you

So, the airport pact is officially dead.
And i'm the one who killed it by completely losing my shit.
But hey, we had a good couple of days pretending it was ok to be back, and that people here aren't the complete assclowns that they in fact are.

The day started out pretty great.
We walked to the shop, all three of us, and the weather was still friggin awesome.
I wore a dress i bought in Japan, and this old flea market find tweed blazer that i found while doing some spring basement shopping the other day.

Look at that dumb grin (Lucifers, not mine)

I won't bore you with the details of the conversation or the person (and god, was she ever boring) that caused my shit fit, but lets just say that the people in this city all need to eat a big, fat "mind-your-own-fuckin-business" sandwich*.

I honestly don't get how deliberately pissing other people off, over little things that are seriously none of their business, can bring some people so much joy.
But the rest of the people who inhabit this city must all get it, cause they sure as hell do it enough.

Ok, so after i had calmed down a bit i went to the park with Lucifer, a blanket and a café latte, but i just couldn't relax.
I was just sitting there, waiting for the next asshole to come along and make me even more miserable, over something dumb and irrelevant.
Seriously, you may not think you're doing anything wrong, but these people, these Danes, they'll find something and they'll confront you, and afterwards they'll feel all good and righteous about it.

You'd think the weather would cheer people up, but they must be so damn unhappy, that the only thing that makes them feel better is to piss all over the rest of us.
And i know you're thinking; "well, people in my country are exactly the same!" but no, no they're not.
There's just nothing quite like condescending Danes.

Sorry for that, i just really, really, really hate the people in this city.
Sorry Corey.

Here's Lucifer at the park, he's usually off his leash, but i wasn't taking any chances today

Lucky for me, the day got better later on.
I got to hang out with some good people at the shop and i went to see my grandfather with my mom.
We got him candy and a pretty awesome gold Rorax in Japan, so he was happy.
And he looked really good and healthy and that made me happy.
So the family are on the ok list, along with a few select friends, but the rest better watch out.

*Yes, those totally exist.


Still unpacking.
One box of crap we sent home has arrived, another has yet to come.
I hope it comes tomorrow cause it has my grandfathers japansese candy, and i'm going to see him tomorrow night.

Foujita print and postcards, notebook from 100 Yen Shop, catterpillar post its, Kyosai postcards, pill box from Swimmer, tiny original drawing made by the guy who owns Nora Inu café in Koenji and Hello Kitty and Doraemon band aids

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Back to work, and ok, maybe it wasn't all that bad.
The weather is seriously awesome and, as you may have started to notice, that means a lot to me.

Walking (and riding my bike) by the lakes and in the park with Lucifer is one of the things i've missed lately, so we did that a lot today.
Oh, and Allans client brought cake.
Of the homemade kind.
I was actually gonna start to get healthy again, and i was gonna start today, but yeah, that didn't happen.
I could have just said no to the cake i guess, but of all our very talented clients who bake, Simon is probably the best.
Or at least it's a very close tie between him and his mom.
And i can't say no to strawberry tart.
Who can?

So tomorrow.
Yeah, tomorrow.

Ok, you know that thing where you put words together and they form a sentence?
It's not really working for me right now, maybe it's because i've been writing so much for work today, in Danish and English, so i'm just gonna post some pictures instead.

The park is so pretty in the spring, Lucifer doesn't notice though, he just wants to pee on stuff
Where the lucky strawberries go when they die
When i came home i wanted to try out the new old camera for a change, but instead of focusing on me, it went for the chair
I hate layering in the winter, but love it in the summer
Japanese socks and Lola Ramona shoes

Monday, April 27, 2009

Go UB, it's you birthday

My blog turned one a few days ago, and i completely forgot!
It feels like it's been a lot longer already, but i guess a year is pretty good for a blog that's not really about anything specific.

In the early days of this blog, i tried many times to find a theme for it, but i never did find one.
And now i've pretty much given up.

So this is a craft blog, a travel blog, a tattoo blog, a fashion blog, a photo blog and a food blog.
And whatever else you want it to be.

Google Reader tells me that this blog is updated about 10 times a week and that 61 people subscribe to it.
I don't know if that includes the 50 followers (50, yowza!), but i'm happy and grateful whenever anyone takes the time to stop by and see what i'm up to.

The people who read this blog (some of whom have even been around since before blogger became the new myspace) and contribute with their always insightful comments, have helped make this last year a really great year for me.

I don't wanna get all emotional, but it really has made a difference in my life.
So thanks guys, i hope you feel like sticking around for one more year.

On the job..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Or, how about we don't go home at all?

Back home.
But not really.

We landed safely in Cph yesterday around 4 in the afternoon.
The weather was great and that always helps when you're about to get a bad case of the coming-home blues.

At the airport we made a pact, me and Allan.
We swore to each other that we would try not to get too bitter, too soon.
Copenhagen does that too us, but we swore to try and not turn into those people.
We swore that we wouldn't let the little things, and the narrow minded and shallow people, get to us.
That we weren't gonna get bike rage, standing-in-line-at-the-supermarket rage, or any other insert-daily-nuisance-here rage for that matter.

It didn't last long.
At the passport check (yeah, that soon) the old dude in the booth made a really rude comment about Allan, and i could see the i-hate-Denmark-ness build up inside him.
So after we got home to the apartment and unpacked a bit, we decided to catch a train (and a bus) to Bisserup and pick up the one thing about Denmark we really, truly love: Lucifer.

The ride down wasn't too great.
We were tired, people were annoying, and the train was so late we nearly missed the last bus of the day.
But we made it without killing anyone and that's what really matters, right?

The little guy was happy and surprised to see us, and my family were happy too, of course!
We tried to stay up and watch a movie, but around midnight the jet lag caught up with us and we got a long, good nights sleep in our room.

Today has been all about relaxing and hanging out.
We've had breakfast in the sun, cleaned and washed my moms car, walked on the beach and eaten Kanelsnegle!
Right now i'm at my moms new work table, overlooking the garden, and in the next room my dad is snoring (which he'll deny as soon as he wakes up).

We'll be going back home (by car) tonight, but coming here was a good idea.
And although i miss Japan a bunch, i'm already getting used to being back.
And it doesn't completely suck.

You are my sunshine
Yeah, you too
Low tide
Our house is a pretty house
I took a walk by myself
I like the beach
The view is pretty, the air is fresh...
... and if you're lucky you find a cool rock!
Moped free zone ya'll

Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm off to bed.
The last day was so fast.
All days are, but this one felt extra fast.
We had dinner with the guys and Izumi, donuts with Mattias, and we even squeezed in a magazine photo shoot too.
We're almost packed now, our boxes of crap have been shipped, the apartment is clean and we just Skyped with the dog (and my mom).
I think we're about as ready as we can get.

I am no longer in denial by the way, now i'm just plain sad.

See you back in Scandinavia!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I can't believe it's almost time.
A month is never enough, no matter how you look at it.

But we've had a great trip.
We always do, but i feel like this time we've done some things that have been on the to-do list for way too long (like visiting our friends in Akita and going to the Ghibli and Kyosai museums) and we've also been studying japanese way more than usual.
I'm very happy about that last one in particular, since i always forget to study while i'm actually here.

Today we went to Yokohama for Allans last session on his back on this trip.
It's looking great by the way, although the session was cut short cause Shige had to go pick up his kid.
But Allan didn't mind, i'm sure.

I went to Sankeien Garden again, and it was even better this time.
Now, of course i have tons of pictures to post, but we have a rather large box of crap we need to send home tomorrow morning and it ain't gonna pack itself.
Why oh why do i buy so many things?*

But, there is this one shot that i have to share now, and i know you guys will appreciate it's awesomeness!
I took it right as i was about to leave the garden.

Best. Cat model. Ever.

I don't know how much i'm gonna have time to post before going home, tomorrow is our last day and all that (no it's not, no it's not, no it's not).
Maybe one last Japan-post tomorrow, or maybe i'll see you in Denmark instead.

*No, i haven't even shown you guys half of it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You pretty things

For the last year or so i've been searching for a perfect pair of pretty leather oxford shoes.
But i still haven't found them, i haven't even really gotten close to finding them.
So when i saw the fun two tone sneakers on the left at Swimmer in Alta yesterday i decided they would have to do for now.
And priced at a reasonable 1600 yen, it would almost be silly to not buy them.

The red trimmed denim shoes are from a shop in Pepe (the mall at Seibu Shinjuku St.).
The tips are a little dark because it's been raining all day.
I probably should have worn the rubber shoes today, right?

Two out of four pairs of shoes bought on this trip (not counting slippers)

I'm trying to think of stuff i miss from home, anything that'll get me just a little excited about going home.
There's not much time left and if i don't find something to miss soon, i might cry.
There's not much though, besides my baby boy with the big ears, of course.

But i do kind of look forward to eating a meal, any meal, without several people blowing smoke directly in my face.
Yeah, it's funny that a country that's so obsessed with manners and etiquette don't find that the least bit rude, but they really don't.
So yeah, that's one thing at least.

My arm, on a japanese blog

My new buddy Cobi, who works at Jurian, a shop here in Koenji that i go to a lot, posted a picture of my tattoos on her blog!
Now, i can't read any of it, but it looks really cute.
So if you read japanese, go check it out.

Totoro and the Tokyo police departent

What a day.
Eventful is one way to describe it.
Crazy would be another.

It started easy enough, with me finally getting a new tattoo.
Not that it's important to get tattooed while in Japan, it's just that with all Allans clients at home, there's never really time for me.
So yay for getting tattooed!
It was a small one (two small ones, actually) so we went to the shop early to get it done before Allan had to go meet Mattias.

I spent the rest of my day walking around Shinjuku, as i so often do, going to Tokyu Hands to do a bit of shopping, but mostly just walking till my feet hurt.

What happened later that night is a long story, but it involved me coming home and sitting down to eat my dinner, but instead of eating dinner i had to rush back to Shinjuku and spend over two hours at the police station there because the Scandinavian Geek Squad got themselves into trouble.
It's never dull around here.
So i guess i can check "Riding in a cop car in Tokyo" and "Getting questioned by the police in a foreign language" off my list.
I'll leave it to Allan to tell the full story, since i wasn't really involved in the events that put us all at the station in the first place.

Because of all the walking, stress and getting home late, i'm too tired to go anywhere today, so i might just hang at the shop, and possibly meet up with Crystal for dinner.

Soeh, that's it for now i guess...
What? Oh yeah, the tattoo!
Ok, ok, here it is!

Totoro awesomeness!

It totally matches my other hand now and i love it.
Definitely worth having my husband mad at me for a few hours (he hates doing fingers)!
I took off the fancy nail polish this morning, but i might put on some new color later today.

The days are flying by and pretty soon i'll be on a plane back to reality.
I am not pleased about this.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Walking and shopping in Shinjuku is something i never get sick of.
There's just something about that place, always something new to see and do.
And it's so close to home too.
Yesterday i walked around for hours.

I bought coffee and a donut and walked down to Golden Gai
There are hundreds of tiny bars there, some only has room for a few people, and some are more welcoming than others
I wish i had a racing snail too...
This is from OIOI (Marui) Curren
This one too, how cute is that?
I also went to the other Marui, is it One or City? I can't remember, but it's so pretty there!
Most of the stores look like this one, people like me don't shop here
I had a feeling that pictures weren't really allowed, but since there were no signs i went for it... all for you guys!
Kawaii meets slightly creepy
As i was about to leave a tiny person in a Rococo outfit told me, in no words and angry sign language, not to take pictures, so i guess my hunch was right

Ps. Tina, "Baby, the stars shine bright" is real and i went there!

All good things...

Our neighbors decided to stop being awesome, and so they've put a password on their super speedy internet connection.
The nerve of some people...
Sharing is caring!
Oh well.

That of course means that these last days in Japan may not get documented as thoroughly as usual.
But i'll try to bring the laptop to Inkrat once in a while.

Today was one of our treasured days off.
We had originally planned to go see some Kabuki, but decided that the weather was too good to sit inside.

This gate is always closed, but today it was not
Another beautiful temple right by our house
Later today in Iidabashi, we had coffee and muffins by the river and i fed the hungry carp

Also in the news today: we found an awesome new song on Taiko no Tatsujin and my hands are a little numb, we ate at Mos Burger ("Japanese fine burger and coffee") and we practiced Japanese a lot.

Tomorrow i may get a tiny tattoo, if i'm lucky and Allan's in a good mood!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mailbox cuteness

Whoever lives here must really love Doraemon.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gots my nails done

Ever since my first time in Japan, i've wanted to get my nails done, crazy Tokyo style.
But every time i start to get serious about it, i remember that it takes forever and it's friggin expensive too.
I don't really like wearing fake nails, so the pre-decorated fake nails that you can just buy and glue on are out of the question too.

But the other day i found this new line of colors from Ettusais and i completely fell in love.
I bought a few of them, and tried to make one of their suggested designs.

I did them right before going out to dinner on wednesday, so they didn't have time to dry properly, but i think i managed to not fuck them up too much.
I used a different color that the one in the recipe and added some glitter too.

They just happened to match my dress!
They're supposed to look like mint ice cream with chocolate on top (it's really hard to take a good picture of nails!)
The right hand was a little tricky, but they look similar at least

Yesterday i bought some more colors, as well as some stickers and stones for decoration, so hopefully i'll do some more crazy nails soon!

Me and Hata at the shop, just cause i like this one

Ghibli Ghibli Ghibli!!!

Yesterday, oh, what a magical day.
The time had finally come, time to visit that most awesome of places; the Ghibli Museum.
No, it's not like we had hight expectations or anything.
It was our first time there, so ok, we were pretty excited.

We took the train to Kichijoji, a place i go to quite often because of the big park there.
We went through that same park to reach the museum, there are some signs to the museum, so we only had to ask for directions once.
For some reason i always ask older Japanese ladies for direction, and they never speak english, but we worked it out fine in Japanese.

Now, as i may have mentioned in a previous post, you're not allowed to take pictures inside the museum.
And after having been there, that rule makes perfect sense.
But i do have some before and after shots.

Getting closer...
Right outside!
Imagine being a kid and going to this museum... lucky!
Cute details everywhere
Uhm, hello
I wanna live there

There are so many cool things in this museum, i can't even begin to explain.
It really is one of those things you have to experience for yourself.
If you're a fan, of course.
If you're not, i don't know... i think you might actually enjoy it anyway!
Just watching happy japanese babies play on the Cat Bus is worth 1000 yen.

But i have to mention, that there's a movie theater there and it plays a movie from the Totoro universe that you can only see at the Ghibli Museum.
It was one of the best things i've ever seen, and if we'd been allowed to, i could have watched that movie all day.
So if you ever go there, make sure to see the movie.

Up on the roof (from Allans camera)
At the museum café
We ordered ice cream sodas, the straws are actual straw!
Allan had steak and fries, i had pancakes with croquette and mushrooms, on a Totoro plate

We walked back through the park, still a little dizzy from having been to the happiest place on earth.
On the little shopping street by the station we found some really cool porcelain fortune cats, and we bought a set for the shop and one for the apartment.
And because we got so many, the dude gave us a discount.

After a quick coffee break at home, we went to Shinjuku.
We had sushi on the 7th floor of Lumine and it was delicious, the eel was particularly good there.

Our night ended on the bed/sofa watching Grizzly Man and eating Mister Donut.