Thursday, March 5, 2009

The way of the Nighthawk

Today our friend Martin was getting tattooed, and friend days at the shop are always nice.
He brought a whole lotta Wienerbrød, you might know it as Danish, and two AC/DC mix cd's he'd made for the shop; one with Bon Scott and one with Brian Johnson.

Checking the stencil, Martin looks like a badass, up-to-no-good sailor with that busted up nose
Martins gun show, now with bird!

It was a rough day for Allan though, a three client day and he was sleepy from the first to the last.
And, as if the day hadn't been long enough, we decided to get a fancy takeout delivery from Cofoco.

Nick is about to open up a can of whoop ass on that chocolate mousse!
We ate at the marble table we use outside in the summer, it's been there for so long and it wasn't until today i thought about eating dinner at that one instead of the really low coffee table... idiot.

And today was also the day where the new skirt made it's outside debut.
I usually end up giving away every piece of clothing i make for myself, but i think i might like wearing this one.

I kinda match the shop a little bit...

Less fun things went down too, i had a doctor thing and the dude stuck a giant needle in my face.
It didn't hurt much, but i still treated myself to an extra piece of pity Wienerbrød.

Tomorrow, work at home day, the first of... well, not many, but some.
And a visit from Helle, perhaps sans baby.
And also the return of my parents from their tropical getaway.
I'm hoping for souvenirs made from oil barrels and crap like that!


  1. St. Croix, the lucky bastards.

    They go there almost every year, cause they have a bunch of friends there and my dad plays with some local calypso bands.

    The Virgin Islands used to be Danish, so a bunch of their friends have names like Petersen and Larsen, even though they're black, it's pretty funny to us.
    And some of the street names are the same as in Copenhagen, so weird.
    Oh, now i wanna go there too!

  2. Så fin er du! Endte det med at blive en kjole - eller kan jeg bare ikke se, hvor nederdel slutter og bluse starter..? Anywho. Det er virkelig cute!

  3. Tak for en dejlig dag, det var rigtig hyggeligt. Nathønen har det fint, skulle hilse og sige "SQUUUUUUAAAAAAWK!"

  4. Arghh! Så sku jeg ha kigget forbi i går! Hmm!
    Det er coolt det første billede, hvor man kan se dig i spejlet!

  5. Det er stadig bare en nederdel, men jeg fandt en gammel t-shirt der passede godt til den!