Saturday, March 28, 2009

Very much off topic

I hate Paris Hilton.
I don't hate many people, especially people i don't even know, but i hate her.
To me, she is the essence of what is wrong with us as a species and i'm embarrassed to even be on the same planet as her.

But then i saw this video and it made me think i've been too hard on her.
She's obviously a very complex person with many hidden layers, i just didn't know about.

See for yourself:


  1. must turn good music on; must get the sound of her voice out of my head. oh, God, make it stop~

  2. she ain't too bad. but she's wrong about one thing--harajuku girls. there is no such thing as harajuku girls.

  3. Ain't too bad? Really?
    She treats both people and animals as accessories and she's made a career out of being clueless.
    I know some people admire her business skills and the ability to make money from showing up at red carpets and putting your name on stuff, but to me that kind of fame and success kind of mocks people with actual talent.

    And sure there are Harajuku girls, they're Gwen Stefanis people-accessories! I think they live in her basement or something.