Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday in Koenji

I'm still feeling really sick, so i slept most of the day.
And on the one day when Izumi had time to hang out.
Dang it.

After a quick shower and morning (or afternoon) exercise i decided to go outside.
Being sick is no excuse for not working and by work i mean... you know what i mean.
I went for a little walk on a small walk path near our house.
Cold, but nice.

I met these two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels guarding their back yard, after a quick sniff i was approved and could move along
For years i've been wanting to buy this house and fix up the garden
See, it is spring... so why is it still so fucking cold?

I went to a couple of vintage shops, there are so many of those in Koenji, and i actually found some good stuff.
Many of the vintage shops here in Koenji have American imported used clothes and it can get pretty expensive.
So the trick is to find Japanese vintage, which is, in my opinion, much more fun anyway.

Cropped knitted cardigan in a funny acrylic type material
Even tinier little lace cardigan, looks stupid with my t-shirt but i was freezing and sick
60's-70's baby blue top, again, would probably look better without the t-shirt

I bought all three, they were only 1900 Yen each.
I also went out and bought three new pair of knee high socks, cause it's so bloody cold here!

After my short and local shopping trip i went to the shop and read my book and drank some tea, while Allan's customer screamed and cried.
Poor guy, he wasn't japanese.

We had tonkatsu for dinner and when we were finished eating we went to the drugstore to buy something for my sore throat.
I needed some anti acid medicine too, so i got Hata to translate, making both him and the clerk very uncomfortable.
I was fine, i don't get easily embarrassed.
And i got my stuff, plus some tea that may or may not be any good (according to Hata, all the herbal tea in the shop was for dieting)!

Tomorrow Allan has a man date, so if i'm feeling any better i may go to Tokyu Hands.
Or i may just stay home and blog all day till y'all get sick of me.
I'm gonna lose all my readers if i don't get well soon.
Go, vitamin C drink!


  1. blech. feel better. zo

  2. Yay!! Bliv hjemme og blog blog blog! Det er vigtigt at du bliver heeeelt rask jo!

  3. love the first and third tops! i would wear them.. im just not much of a lace girl myself..

  4. Ok, since there may be some confusion on the subject:
    strangers don't get to do "personal announcements" on this blog.
    Use your own blogs to promote your work, please.
    Or, you know, at least have the decency to subscribe the the blogs your are going to spam.
    Or say hello first!
    I am going to delete this, i'm just gonna leave it for a bit so y'all know what the hell i'm talking about.

  5. Ej okay. Sikke en hat!! Folk er så latterlige!

  6. bah just delete it now.. it will still show as a deleted post im sure and we can get the drift.