Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stress? Me? Noo!

At least it's not too bad.
Got my hair cut this morning.
I don't have pictures yet, but it doesn't look that much different anyway.
On my way to work i went by my shoe dealers headquarters (aka Heaven) to pick up some shoes she ordered for me.
I really wanted to bring them to Japan, so it had to be today.
I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but i have actually lost count of how many Lola Ramona shoes i have.
Some of them are samples, but still...
It must be a lot.
And that's not a bad thing!

Most of the new shoes were out getting photographed today, but it was still fun to snoop around
Some cute bags
Some cute boots
The lovely lady who feeds my shoe addiction
These are gonna be my new spring/summer favorites
They look a little orange in the photos, but they're actually salmon (love the fish, love the color!)
And because she's the most awesome person ever, Christina decided that i needed these candy colored beauties too

Mmmm, shoes.
Ok, so i'm back home now.
I did all the last minute things i needed to do at the shop.
Filled ink bottles, wrote a ton of emails, organized some bills and stuff.
Went out and bought candy for Matthias and Dettol for Hata.
Took Lucifer on a nice walk through the park, where we ran in to Mai and Masumi.

Tonight we're going to a record release party.
I don't really feel like i have the time, but i guess i can pack later tonight.
Or tomorrow.
Whatever, it's just for a month and they have stuff in Tokyo too!


  1. Mmmm sko!! Du blir den hotteste chick i Japan!

  2. Oh my god the Lola Ramona shoes and bags are can never have too many shoes! (or bags come to think of it) :)

  3. Ah, det tvivler jeg nu på, Helle!

    So true, you can have an apartment or closet that's too small, but you can never have too many shoes or bags!

  4. Åh så sjukt fina skor, jag vill också ha, måste kollas upp om de säljs i sverige också! Trevlig resa. Jag skickar tidningen eller kommer över och lämnar den i början på Maj, börjar bli frisk igen (som tur är). Hälsa Japan från mig!

  5. Tak, jeg skal nok hilse Japan!!
    Jeg tror de forhandles i Sverige, jeg prøver at spørge.
    Ses i maj!

  6. Min samling Lola Ramona består af 2par, Malle! Du er en heldig kartoffel. Satser på at udvide langsomt, men sikkert :-)

  7. I almost just died when I saw allthe shoes on her site...THE BOOTS ARE AMAZING...Sadly I cant find anywhere to buy them online that is written in a language I can read lol so all the more for you, you lucky duck! Have a safe trip.

  8. The boots! Those are so beautiful! And I love your new little salmon shoes as well. Salmon goes with everything! :)

  9. HEY HEY HEY... Jeg troede vi var enig om at lakse farve var en had farve...