Friday, March 13, 2009

Snow princess

The other day i was doing some research for my next tattoo and i came across this.
You know how you sometimes find a piece of artwork or a book or a song, and you feel like it's made for you?
I obviously know it's not, but still, that's how i felt about this illustration.

The artists name is Charles Robinson and the illustration is from this book.

I love the reindeer.
I love anything with antlers really.


  1. Hvornår har du fået en slæde? Og et rensdyr? Og dit eget slot?! Anywho så klæder det dig!

  2. De står parkeret ude i baggården!

  3. i know exactly what you mean!that is beautiful x

  4. Oh that's lovely! It's so soft and dreamy.

  5. I like the swan-carrigde. So faboulus to travel in one of those.. =)