Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shopping shopping shopping

My shopping trip yesterday went very well.
You know, until i started getting sick and all that.
This past week, i've just been doing the visual shopping list and it actually helped make my shopping trip much more efficient than usual.
Only problem is, that i am now in the consumer zone, and i just wanna buy buy buy all the time.
Maybe my body made me sick, to save me from myself?

And just so this is not a completely self centered "look-at-all-the-pretty-things-i-got" post, i'm gonna throw in a few more travel tips!

Most shops in Japan have a billion sales people, there to help you with anything you need.
They may not all speak english super well, but if you keep it simple (like showing them the pair of pants you wanna try and saying "M size"?) you'll be fine.

When you get to the fitting room, remember that in most cases you have to take off your shoes.
Especially if there's a carpet in the room.

They'll also give you a face cover to put on, so you don't get make up on the clothes while trying it on

First stop on my list was Muji near Isetan in Shinjuku.
There i bought a pair of shoes and tried on a few other items.

By the way, i don't just take fitting room pictures for the blog, it's actually a great way to find out if something looks good on you or not.
I thought i was the only one doing it, but yesterday, while trying on a gazillion items, i heard a camera click from the room next to mine.
So i guess it's not just me then.
Now, back to my shopping trip!

They look almost exactly like a pair i have at home, that are falling apart
This one was on the visual shopping list, but it looked a little weird from the side, so i didn't get it
Muji has lots of other stuff too, how about some squid?

Then i went to Lowrys Farm, one of my all time favorite shops.
There are several all over the city/country, but i went to the one in OIOI Current (pronounced Marui), that used to be OIOI Young.
Lowrys farm is on the B1 floor.

I loved the sleeves and color...
But from the side it was just a little too... puffy, so i didn't buy it
They had so many cute jeans, i bough these
And the cardigan too!
This is so soft and comfortable, perfect for summer (if summer ever comes, that is)
And the pocket detail is great
After Lowrys Farm i went by Studio Alta, which is both a shopping mall, meeting place and kind of a less hectic version of Shibuya's 109.
I went to the B1 floor where one of my favorite accessories shops is located and i found that it had closed and been replaced with some skanky ass clothing store!
Where do i go now for cute vintage brooches, sunglasses and Milkees CD's?
After that shock i needed to shop some more, so i went upstairs to Love Boat.
I don't normally shop there, but on thursday, while waiting for Mattias, i'd noticed this black dress with eyelet detail at the hem.

I actually didn't think i was gonna buy it, but then i fell in love a little
There's no room for a bra, but it'll be cute for summer (again, if there is a summer, in Denmark you just never know)

I also went to the Seibu Shinjuku St. building and bought some socks (and scored two new pointcards), but i didn't get pictures of the socks, cause i was starting to feel a little sick already.
That place is on my recommended list too.
It has a Muji, Uniqlo, lost of cute little clothing and accessories shops and on the 8th floor there is one of the best 100 Yen shops i know of.

Many stations have shopping malls, it's very practical
100 yen Shop is where i do most of my shopping, both practical stuff and souvenirs.
It has everything.

I'm gonna go take a nap now and hope i feel well enough to go to the shop later.
I miss Allan and the guys already.


  1. that black dress is super cute! looks good on you! xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love the shoes! No wonder you'd want to have another pair to replace the ones that are falling apart. ;o)
    The jeans and cardigan seems to be very "comfi", and I must say that you look absolutely stunning in that little black dress!! It's completely understandable that you fell in love with it! ;o)
    Hope that your cold is better by now! *hugs*

  4. Ja, den sorte er fin, ikke? Man kan nok ikke få for mange LBD's!
    Jeg er stadig syg, men jeg har da fået slæbt mig ned til butikken!!

  5. Poor baby! Jeg håber du får det bedre i en fart. Men et HELT år uden sygdom, det må siges at være lidt af en præstation!
    Fantastiske shoppe billeder, det er jo som om man er med!

  6. I agree, that dress is super cute! Im glad you got it!

    and that make up bag for your face had me cracking up. it makes perfect sense but i never even thought of anything like that... oh the ingenious japanese..

    i want to go shopping now....

    can i send you 100 yen for a fun magnet in your super store?

  7. I will go on a magnet hunt for you as soon as i get well again!