Wednesday, March 4, 2009

People don't completely suck (i think)

Today on my way to work i met an injured swan.
It was just sitting on the sidewalk by the lakes, near an intersection.
Way too close to people.
I wasn't really going that way, but i went over to it anyway to see what was wrong.
I also took a picture, that was before i realized it might be seriously hurt.

Ok, so i was just standing there, not too close, trying to figure out what to do, when these two women and a little girl came over to me and said "we've already called an animal ambulance".
They lived across the street and had noticed something was off and called for help.
Help was slow, so they were just walking around the area, keeping an eye on the big bird.
There was some blood nearby and the swan seemed to be trying to build shelter with some dry leaves, but it was impossible to tell what had really happened.

For some reason the whole thing really upset me, like even more than it normally would.
Now, i know i'm really sensitive when it comes to animals, when i was a kid i would walk around the neighborhood in spring for hours collecting frogs and toads in a bucket and take them to the lake, so they wouldn't get run over by cars, and i've saved a few smaller birds in my time too.
But swans...
Swans, to me at least, are these majestic, though as nails motherfuckers, that we're told from we're very young not to go near, cause they'll break our fucking arms if they feel like it.
That's swans. That and they're very pretty of course.
I don't know, i just started thinking: "great, now i gotta worry about the swans too?"
The thought of a swan being hurt in traffic or by people had just never really occurred to me before and it made me so sad.

I don't know what happened after i left, but i was really happy that the neighbors were out there looking after the swan, and before i left i made sure to thank them for doing something.
Basically i think i was thanking them for not being sucky people, which is sadly what i think most people around here are.


  1. Jeg ved lige præcis hvordan du har det. Kan du huske jeg skrev om den fugl jeg fandt med brækket vinge? Det var det samme. Jeg havde det også forfærdeligt.

  2. ooooo i hope he/she is alright!
    maybe you will run into the neighbors again and can get an update? so sad...

    there are two swans here that swim around one of the resorts.. i need to take pictures of them..