Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok, i need to learn japanese or something

I came home to drop off some groceries, but then i kind of got stuck here.
And Martin was on Skype, so we had a quick chat about what's going on back home and whether Rasmus Klump was ever gonna be big in Japan.
And other important stuff like that.
Later tonight i'm gonna meet Izumi somewhere, and if Allan doesn't finish too late he'll come too.

Goma chan pudding, i'm gonna have to try this

My japanese somehow seemed better the last time i was here, i feel like i'm stuck.
I wanna have a conversation with the staff at my 7-11 that's longer than "hi, how are you" or "see you tomorrow".
After knowing them for about five years, i have a feeling they have more to say too.
I guess i should study, but my Rosetta Stone disc is lost somewhere in my mess of souvenirs and magazines.
Ah, well. Tomorrow.


  1. taste this pudding like cat, or is it for cats for real ???

  2. I'm pretty sure this is a baby seal, dude!
    I sure hope it doesn't taste like one... eek!

  3. oh ya,i see the seal now..
    i wonder what the flavour is.. my vote was banana or vanilla... or lemon?

  4. Ok, tomorrow i'm gonna eat one, so we can finally know for sure.
    Not because i want to eat sweet, (possibly) delicious desserts or anything.
    No, i'm doing this for you guys!

    Ps. I vote vanilla!

  5. Det er stort at du tager en for holdet! Smukt!

  6. It's a snack for your pet baby seal !! I know ... Trust me , I know these things !! The flavour is actually chicken liver tartar !! Yum !! Oh and I took your advice and the snack has been delivered on my Plog !! Oh ... And I almost forgot ... GIMME SOME NEWS PLEASE !!!!!!

    (Like just for me kind of news !! This blog thing is nice but I don't like sharing !! Gimme news just for me please !! ) Ok ... Bye bye and say hi to Yapanland for me !