Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last night

Royal milk tea and Mister Donut
I love you, Pon de Lion!


  1. i think you should get mister donut again and this time take a picture of the donut so i can see it and be jealous of it even thought i live in north america where we have many donuts but none of which are mister donut from tokyo.

    ps- i like your blog. obviously. i discovered it accidentally and now i keep up. i don't even know you but i like to see what you do. is that creepy?

  2. Not creepy at all, this is for anyone who's interesetd, not just people who actually know me.
    So, welcome and thanks for reading the blog!

    I actually just came from mister donut, feeling a little dizzy from all the sugar...
    I'll post some donut shots soon!