Monday, March 23, 2009

Last night in Shibuya

Yesterday, after Allan had a talking appointment with a client, we went to the mac store in Shibuya to buy a wireless router for the shop.
It was extremely windy, like typhoon windy, but we didn't care.
It was just great to be in Tokyo again.

All aboard, the happy bus!
Happy Kewpie non-step bus!
Ballerina shop next to the mac store
We made a quick stop at our beloved Tower Records to buy some magazines and get a new point card.
Then we had coffee at the Doutors around the corner.
By now it was raining pretty bad, but we still decided to walk to Harajuku and take the train home from there instead.

It may be raining and you may be out strolling with your kid, but that's no reason not to wear your sparkly silver pumps, now is it?*
After we got back to the shop, Allan had another consultation, but the guy had a bit of trouble making his mind up.
So while he was doing some serious thinking, we (together with the new apprentice) went to Lawson and got tickets for the Ghibli Museum.

Not sure what i'm gonna do today.
I had big plans to go to a mountain, but it's still pretty windy, so that might not be the best idea.
Maybe i'll just go walk around Shinjuku and take some pictures?
Whatever, it's all good, cause i'm in Tokyo.

*Helle, you taking notes?


  1. Jeg nåede slet ikke at ønske god tur, men det virker som om det allerede er rimelig awesome :)

  2. haha that bus is so cute!
    And I bet the ghibli museum will be awesome.

  3. wow! den der ballarina shop gad jeg godt bruge en milion yen i...

  4. He he, men sneaks er jo så comfy og nemme at komme rundt i! Men høje hæle er super cool OG benene ser længere ud. Og i min possition er det det en god ting, ha ha! Hmm, jeg må se hvad jeg kan gøre!
    Det ser ud som om I allerede har den bedsteste tur! I fortjener det!