Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thursday we went to an art opening at The Ghetto in Shinjuku.
Our friend Crystal from Gomineko Books were the brains behind the whole operation and she did a wonderful job.
The theme of the show was Kappa and the artists were from Japan and around the world.

On my way to the station in me new jacket, new pants and Lola Ramona shoes
The Ghetto has it all: gallery, bar, shops and even a skate ramp
Some of the paintings currently on display
Crystal, always loud, always sexy!
Upstairs we were introduced to a very tall bike
Mattias explaining how this crime against nature works

We did get a demonstration, but beacuse it was so dark the pictures turned out crap, so you'll just have to imagine how crazy riding a tall bike looks.
Oh, and it has no breaks.
Because, why would a bike need that?

That ramp is probably the only place in Japan you're not allowed to smoke

You can catch the Kappa show at The Ghetto until the 9th of April, so if you're in Tokyo i suggest you get over there right now.

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  1. 1. Your hair grows so fast! Unbelievable! And that coat is fabulous.
    2. The second painting totally freaked me out when I realized what was going on, haha.
    3. "Please registration. Go to under the stair..." I love it! :)