Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm art, for reals

Allan did two paintings today.
And they're both of me!
Kind of.

See, sometimes we do these photoshoots.
For reference, mostly.
I dress up and do a lot of crazy poses and then later Allan can use the pictures, for whatever.
The shoots are ususally 50% us just goofing around and having fun, 10% Allan trying out settings on his way too fancy camera, and 40% reference for tattoos and paintings.
Sometimes the pictures come out great, and sometimes just the pose is good and it'll end up as someones tattoo.
Whatever the result, it's always fun to do.

Todays paintings were inspired by a shoot we did a long time ago, pre-blog i believe.
They were shot right here in the living room.

Picture one
Painting one (minus matryoshka)
Picture two
Painting two (with added rose tattoo, hmmm...)

And, because he's such a swell guy, Allan gave me both of them!
Good to be me today. Good to be me.


  1. Lucky!

    I think I'm brain-dead today (zombie, oh no!); I almost said "but he wrote 2009 instead of 2008"... uh...