Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From the fitting rooms

I went to Hula Girl, across the street from Inkrat, where they sell socks, accessories, glasses and vintage clothes.
They had a bunch of vintage kimonos for sale and i bought this little kimono jacket for 1050 Yen.
So cheap!
And i think there's a Hula Girl in Shibuya too, so if you can't find Koenji, go there instead.

If i don't wear it, i can always use the fabric for something else
Hula Girl in Koenji

A couple of nights ago we went to Jeans Mate, one of my (other) favorite shops in Koenji.
There are many Jeans Mate all over Tokyo, but this one is open 24 hours, so we always go there really late (sometimes at, like, 4 in the morning) to try on pants.
Just because we can, you know?
I bought a pair of dark, japanese skinny jeans, not the pair pictured.
But i might come back for these too...

I'm trying to look skinny, cause we just ate, and Allan is helping!


  1. åh kimonon är jättefin! du måste använda den!

  2. Cute little shopping adventure! Is the jeans store busy all night? That's crazy, I've never heard of just a clothing store being open all night! I really like the jeans you're wearing, actually. You probably do need them! :)

  3. miss amelie, you are skinny anyway! but you both look very cute pulling you 'skinny' faces :) xxx

  4. Det virker! Jeg kan næsten ikke spotte hverken dig eller Allan på billedet! KØB DEM!!