Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hello ladies
Allan and sneaky Hata

More pictures from this restaurant here and here!


  1. You just HAVE to love those wall paintings!!

  2. I want a little Japanese swimmer tattoo!

  3. Nice. I'm looking to get a TATTOO... can't figure out what to get tho :(

    Hi, I'm Bethanie, my blog is

    I'm about writing, art, and craftness as well as a tattoo-holic (tho I have non of my own)

    My godfather just moved to Berlin, I'm going to visit in the summer. But really want some skin art to show off beforehand!!

    Any ideas?

  4. Hmm, advicing people on what tattoos to get is not really something i normally do.
    It's a very personal decision, you know?
    It took me years, from knowing i wanted a tattoo, to get my first one.

    Having a deadline (summer) is definitely not something i would recommend, since a lot of good artists have more than a few months waiting list.
    So try to find a great artist first, myspace is a good place to find tattooers in your area, and then just get the tattoo when they have time.
    You'll have plenty of opportunity to show it once it's there.

    As for the design, that's all up to you.
    Again, it very much comes down to choosing the right artist, who can create the design based on your ideas.
    And even though you are a crafty person, it's not necessarily a good idea to try and draw it yourself, tattooing is a pretty complex art form and it's best left to professionals.
    But i do recommend that you get something personal and original.
    Maybe a character from a book you love, or something like that?
    If you get something tattooed that you already love, provided that it's done by a good artist, you'll never regret it.
    But if you get something that's just popular right now, you could end up with a "i can't believe i wore bicycle shorts in the 90's" situation!

    Anyway, good luck, let me know what you come up with!