Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Computer stuff? Check!

I just installed Rosetta Stone on the laptop and yesterday i finally got on Skype too.
I'm always the last person to sign up for these things, but better late than never.
Me and my mom tried it out last night and it was a lot of fun.
And my dad was amazed at how well it worked.
Me and Allan even got a little tour of their now decorated work room.

So that's two more things off the old list.
Today i'm just gonna stay home for a few hours and see if i can get some packing done too.

Last night me and Allan fell asleep on the sofa and didn't wake up till 6 in the morning, so we didn't get to update his portfolio like we planned.
But we'll just do that tonight instead.

Yesterday at the park, look at all those flowers!


  1. Hvis man lige ser bort fra de nøgne træer, er det jo et sommerbillede. Men siden de er nøgne, går jeg med til forår!

  2. yay skype! its good stuff!
    i do my danish lessons over that... when they actually happen.. which isnt often...

  3. I'll practice with you when i get back from Japan if you're interested?