Monday, March 9, 2009

Close, but no tattoo

I was supposed to get tattooed today, but sometime late last night we both realized the project had become more complicated than expected, and we decided that we needed some more time.
Maybe next weekend (but i'm not getting my hopes up).

So instead of going to the shop we just hung out in the work room most of the day.
Allan painted* and i made hats.
It's a nice way to spend time together, without having to actually do the same thing at the same time.

We also got in a quick photo shoot before dinner, it was mostly of hats, but we got some fun shots for another project too.
I'll probably edit a couple tomorrow, But not now.
My eyelids are sticky from the glue left by my fake lashes, so i'm having trouble focusing.
But here's a preview:

The tinfoil turned out to be a bad idea, but i'll explain why some other time

*He did a new painting of me, but this time i will not be posting the original here (or anywhere!)


  1. Here's to sensuality, and privacy...three cheers. Respect. zo

  2. what a lovely picture :) xxx

  3. Naughty! ..på flere måder vist, he he!

  4. Sexy...are you wearing no underwear there? Kiddin'!

  5. Soocute hats! You're really good!

  6. Thanks!
    And i can assure you all, i am wearing underwear, that corner of the apartment is very cold!

  7. I love your little shawl! And having nice quiet crafty days inside with people you love is the best :)