Sunday, March 29, 2009

Claim of wild & beautiful

I once bought some of their hair wax just because i love this text so much.
Can't STAND being just like other guy!
More fun signs and stuff coming up...


  1. Again with the funny translations! I purchased a bunch of Pucca stationary at some little shop in Seattle once, and inside, all the pages read "Meet Pucca and Garu. You will going to like they funny love story!" I think it's really cute :)

  2. YAY for sjove skilte og i den dur! Der er da heller ikke noget værre, end at være som alle de andre fyr! Ha ha!

  3. Hoho! Og nej, der er jo bare ikke noget værre end being just like other guy! God bedring og alt muligt godt til jer..

  4. do you think i could have another career in translating stuff like this a little better than that? or sometimes i wonder if it's intentional, intentionally bad English?

  5. I wonder about that too sometimes.
    Try picking up the new Nylon jp, you wouldn't believe how many errors are in each page, and there is very little english in that magazine in the first place.
    You'd think spell checking would be easy.
    My favorite is "gradiater shoes"!