Monday, March 23, 2009

Amalie's guide to Tokyo

I get a lot of questions about things to see and do in Tokyo.
In fact, that's pretty much the only thing people ever ask me, besides how to get tattooed by my husband!*
I don't mind answering, but sometimes i end up writing the equivalent of a Lonely Planet guide book and then i never hear back from people.
That's a little annoying.
So from now on i'm gonna try to post a lot about things to do in Tokyo, so i can tell people to just check out my blog.

And one of my favorite past times in Tokyo is of course shopping.
Everyone loves to shop in Tokyo.
Here it's a legitimate hobby and it's something everyone does after work or on their day off.
I almost never shop in Denmark, so this is where i go a little crazy.

Ok, so since i was in Shibuya yesterday, the first recommendation will be a shop there.
Mocha is one of my favorite Tokyo shops.
The shop is very small and sometimes crowded, but it's cheap and the have a little bit of everything there.
Cute clothes, shoes and the best jewelry.

Mocha, in the Shibuya end of Cat Street

I didn't buy anything there yesterday, cause i'm trying out this new thing where i take a picture of the thing i wanna buy.
Like a visual shopping list.
I'll let you know if it works or not!

*That last one is easy by the way= make an appointment!


  1. Thanks so much for the Japan blogs!!!!!!!

  2. Actually, I think you could SERIOUSLY write a guide to Japan that would be published. I mean, "Lonely Planet's Guide To Japan"? Not appealing.

    "Amalie's Yellow Pants Guide To Japan's Awesomeness"??


  3. Sunny, you're welcome! And it was pretty much your idea to just post that stuff here instead of writing mails, so thanks!
    And the building next to mocha is actually Pink Dragon, so you'll be going here soon!

    "Yellowpants goes to..."?
    Hmm, maybe not such a bad idea:D

  4. Yellowpants goes to...anywhere and I'm a taker.
    Yellowpants goes to Denmark and I might need that sooner than later! ;)