Saturday, March 28, 2009

Actual cold 1, Amalie 0

I don't know if you all know this, but this fall and winter we had a flu epidemic in Denmark.
Pretty much everyone i know fell victim to this at some point, even Allan who's usually about as prone to sickness as Bruce Willis in that superhero movie, that's not really a superhero movie.
I didn't even catch the sniffles.

But last night, after a long hard day of working, and by working i mean shopping, i started to feel a little weird.
By the time we were done with dinner (at the amazing new Osaka pizza place) i knew what time it was.
The cold that i'd been avoiding for so long had finally caught up with me.

So now, instead of being at a wonderful fleamarket with my buddies Crystal and Nico, i'm sitting in my apartment in a t-shirt and leggings, drinking tea and vitamin C cocktails.

My throat is just killing me, but i'm hoping that i can make this thing, whatever it is, go over soon by staying home.
So i guess this means i'll be finishing my homework (an article i'm working on) and probably also lots of bloggin!

I don't actually know what's in those bottles, but that has never stopped me before

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