Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wanna... shop...

I need this book.

And this one too...

Apparently what i need is a magic door that leads to the Dover bookstore in London.
Or i could just use my credit card and shop online, but the first idea sounds much more fun.

You know what does not sound like fun?
Not spending money shopping.


  1. I WANNA SHOP!! (shop!)
    I WANNA SHOP!! (shop!)
    I WANT TO SHOP!! (shop!)
    I WANNA SHOP!! (shop!)

  2. Mmmm ... I LOVE bookstores!! ... And I love London ... and London bookstores ..... AND SHOPPING!!

    Let's sing "The Shop Shop Song"!!

  3. Do you know who has the magic door? Doraemon.

    I know what you mean about spending money and all that. Sometimes I feel like I spend money for the sake of spending money. A pure victim of Consumerism/Capitalism, and I do feel sad about it. But hell!

  4. Finanskriseråd: Man kan også altid finde sig en gratis lille dingbat eller lignende her: www.dafont.com.

    Ikke det samme, I know, men der er mange fine ting....

  5. ive been so good with shopping lately... so good!! lets see if i can hold it together..

  6. Elsker dafont, elsker i det hele taget gratis fonte!

    I have a Doraemon pen, do you think that'll help?