Monday, February 9, 2009

These days

Last night i got sick again.
I'm happy it's not the flu, but it still sucks.
What is up with me?
As a result i didn't sleep well and i had trouble getting up.
I tried to run some errands, but that just made me feel sad, and i only made a brief appearance at the shop.

I was hoping to finish some hats i've started, but as usual i can't find the supplies i need in sorry excuse for a capital.
Seriously, why is Copenhagen so completely clueless when it come to art and craft supplies?
Anyway, i'm not sure i have the energy for it right now.

Here's my little corner right after i cleaned it up the other day.
I'm pretty sure i tossed out a lot of important things, but i just wanted some order.

My back hurts all the time cause the floors in this room are so crooked, one of the joys of living in an old building

This is what it looks like today, still tidy-ish, i'm proud to say


  1. ØV at du ikke er kommet helt over det. Der er noget i luften, jeg ved ikke hvad!
    God bedring mus!

  2. you should look online at or whatever, and see if they have what you need, and i can pick it up and mail it to you...