Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super special sunday

Nick came back from Australia today.
Yes, that's the super special part.

We met up with him for brunch at our local café just around the corner to catch up on all our travels, and of course the latest Copenhagen and international gossip.
It's been... i don't even know how long since we've seen each other.
It'll be good to have the shop back to, sort of, normal.

There's our buddy!
The kangaroo is for Lucifer
Oh, and he knows it's for him, but no playing with it while we're eating dude!
Allan got some amazing Chinese art books from Hong Kong, but more important, this hat:
Nick got me these without even knowing, that i'm collecting* souvenir potholders, aren't they adorable?
But wait, careful! They're not as cute as they may seem...
Standard Cph brunch at BBB

Now we're back home, ready to actually start the day.
A little late, but whatever, it's sunday.

I might do a bit of hat making...
Or some more cleaning maybe?
Who knows!

Welcome home Nick!!

*I have three, so that's kind of a collection in my world.


  1. Ha! Does his hat say "Down Under"?? That is amazing! What a nice friend to bring you little presents :)

    And three things totally makes a collection. I have ONE little porcelain cat figurine (it holds sewing pins, and has a little tape measure that pulls out of the side!), but since I also have a cat, I consider that a "collection" also, haha.

  2. Well, i actually have five now, so i guess that would make it a huge collection?
    And it does say Down Under, and Australia all the way around the other side.

    It was pretty yum, except for the stinky cheese, but i trade that with Nick for fruits. So that's another reason i've missed him!

  3. Yay for ostebytning! Der trak du sgu det lange strå my friend!

  4. that hat does wonders for allan! so great!!

    and yay for collections!
    im afraid to count my magnets, but when i put them back up, i will.
    i already have at least 10 more to add to it,and i dont go home for 3 more weeks at least!
    i need help..