Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One more finished

This one is done.
It's more of a hair clip than a hat.
I made the flowers from net fabric, the leaves are from Japan.
They're kinda fuzzy.

I really need some better lighting in my work area..

I also did a little work on the snail hat, which has been about half done for way too long now.
The base is done, so is the snail itself.
Pieces of him keep breaking off, though.
So that one will not get finished tonight.


Damn youse snail!


  1. min dygtige kone!!!
    Freakin' love ya!!!

  2. Freakin' love the both of ya!!
    I er bare så dygtige og kreative, begge to!
    Knus fra jeres stolte mor/svigerdo. :o)))

  3. Oh, beautiful little snail! When are you going to start selling these?? You need to!

  4. Thanks!
    I really want to sell them soon, so i might just do the etsy thing.
    But i'd much rather just have a website, so i wouldn'y have to deal with seller fees and shit like that.
    But i don'y know anyone who makes websites any more.
    Weird right?

  5. Contact Jo Burgon at


    She's one of my best friends, and is a graphic designer and website maker lady :)

    Tell her I sent you! xxx