Monday, February 23, 2009

My brain hurts

I'm at work trying to figure out some supply bills and stuff, but i'm not a very mathy person and it's driving me insane.
I feel like i'm in one of those dreams where you dial a phonenumber over and over again, but keep getting the last digit wrong.
Ever had one of those?
They're fucking annoying and so is this.

Why is this so hard?
I'm wearing glasses for christ sake!
They are supposed to make you smarter, right?

Tricky numbers aside it's been a good and productive monday, so i shouldn't complain.
Ok, back to work.

Ps. We watched Gran Torino last night and Clint Eastwood is hilarious!
It's serious too, but no one does grumpy old man like the Clint.
Good stuff.


  1. yea gran torino was great ,clint was classic

  2. He really was, that growling thing he did was so awesome!

  3. hire me to do your mathy stuff.
    i actually enjoy it..

  4. i often have dreams like that, not being able to dial the phone right, or trying to go to the bathroom but there's always no doors!

  5. See, i knew that couldn't just be a me thing.
    I also have dreams about being about to punch someone, but right before my first hits their face it slows down, so the punch becomes a soft nod.
    So annoying.

    Corey, stop hanging around volcanoes and come friggin help me out here!