Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More blogs? Really?

Yes, i have a new blog.
But it's not just mine, so that makes it kind of ok, right?

We decided to do a shop blog.
Since we don't have a website and some people apparently don't have a myspace account (crazy, i know) we felt there was a need for this.

Me, Nick and Allan will be posting on it once in a while, tattoo and shop related stuff.
Or whatever we feel like posting.
It's still new, so there's not a lot of stuff there yet, but go check it out anyways!

In other Amalie related news, i'm feeling a little better today.
I've changed my diet and that seems to be helping.
At least i hope it is.

But damn, Copenhagen is freezing today!
Oh, and it just started snowing.
I hope Milan is just a little bit warmer, i need a heat boost.

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