Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long Beach

We're doing the Ink N Iron convention in Long Beach again this year.

The Queen Mary hotel usually sells out pretty quickly, so i called them and booked our room last night.
That call is probably gonna cost us a fortune, i think i was on hold for at least 10 of the 15 minutes the call lasted.
Oh well.

We got a deluxe stateroom, which looks a little something like this (or at least i hope so, cause some of the rooms are tiny)

The nice lady at the reception asked if i had any special requests or preferences and i actually told her to not give me one of the haunted rooms.
I felt like such an idiot saying it, but the ship is supposedly haunted, and some rooms are worse than others.

A girl we know, who stayed right down the hall from us last year, woke up in the middle of the night with an old man ghost sitting at the foot of her bed, and i am not having any of that in my room.
I am, however, gonna do the tour this year!

And as an added bonus to this already fun convention, The Slackers are playing this year.
And a bunch of other bands too, but yay Slackers!

Don't know if we're getting any dumb convention tattoos this year, last years is kinda hard to top.


  1. If you're in Long Beach, make sure to stop by Retro Row and do some shopping. :)

  2. Where's retro row at? And what do they sell?
    Sounds interesting...

    Matt, i know, it's retarded, but i'm not taking any chances!
    I've lived my whole life ghost-free and i plan to keep it that way.
    Imagine if you actually saw one, you'd spend the rest of your life trying to convince other people that you're not a nutjob.
    No fun.

  3. i want to do the tour with you!!!

  4. Retro Row is an area in Long Beach where there's a bunch of vintage stores. I found some really nice things when I was there.

    There's also a really great coffee place.

  5. Jeg forstår godt din bekymring, havde det lige sådan da vi sov på Dragsholm Slot. Men det skete nu ikke noget!

  6. Fuck spøgelser, de skal bare slet ikke messe med os!!

    Corey, you can so come along!

    Thanks for the tip, Retro Row sounds like my kinda place!

  7. i may have to come to retro row as well...
    just sayin

  8. Aren't you a TINY bit curious though? I would request a ghost room!

    I didn't realize so many bands played. Koffin Kats would be fun, not really feeling Genitorturers though (what a horrible name!).

  9. Hi PrincessInferno

    Cool, we'll meet at Long Beach then. I am heading over there as well this year, 3rd time shooting beefed up rockabilly's and fat cholo dudez with too many tattoos for their own good. Well, duty calls.

    Mata Tokyo ne.