Thursday, February 26, 2009


A quick post before bedtime, i just haven't had time to post before now.

After work i went straight home and started cooking.
Martin was coming over for dinner, not that i throw a party for him every time he comes by, it was just a good excuse to go a little overboard with some improvised Japanese food.

So i cooked for almost two hours and it came out pretty good.
A spicy tofu/vegetable dish, some tempura, lots of rice and Korean nori, seaweed salad, miso soup and edamame.
Not a traditional meal in any way, but fun and tasty none the less.

I counted at least four different kinds of seaweed at this table, yum


  1. oh that looks so good! makes me feel hungry!

    is that an owl right in the background?


  2. mmmmm,... looks delicious !
    i´ll come tomorrow for diner !

  3. Yeah, the owl is a wooden napkin holder from Japan.
    Maybe i'll do a post on him one of these days!

    Come on over Igl, we'll make dinner and you bring the waffels!!

  4. Looks so tasty! All I managed to cook last night was vegetable soup.

  5. you're lucky i'm not coming to copenhagen, i'd be trying to steal your owl!

    I love owls, I'm gonna be working in an owl sanctuary soon hopefully :) xxx

  6. Jeg tror snart jeg skal forbi en dag Felix kommer, så vanker der alskens nam! He he!

  7. Ja, men kun hvis han kommer til tiden næste gang, den slambert!

  8. Do you much like Korean nori? I crave it sometimes.

    What's spicy tofu? I like that sound of it and want to try it!

  9. LOVE Korean nori... maybe too much!