Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I put a spell on you

I know i promised some Milan pictures, but we got home so late and i'm too tired to upload a gazillion pictures.
Yes, there are that many.
So instead you get a picture of this bottle that Mai brought back from Haiti for us.
Isn't it awesome?
I'm gonna have to put a lamp in that corner just so it can sparkle.

Also, here are some pictures from a gorgeous, but freezing day in Copenhagen.
Just cause i'll forget them if i don't post them now.

I came back to find the rosebush in the kitchen window infected with plant lice. So gross. So i rinsed them off and took it outside to freeze and think about what it's done.*
Snow covered bike
Poor kitty
It's been a super busy day at the shop, but me and Lucifer did find time for a nice walk in the park
One sled got a little off track
The sky isn't that blue everywhere, scandinavia is not all bad
Ok, i have got to get some sleep now.
Milan pictures tomorrow.
For reals this time.

*In case anyone is wondering (Helle?), my tiny oak tree did somehow not get infected by the disgusting little creatures.


  1. København! Sne! Vildt! En verden til forskel...

  2. it's so funny to hear what you've done to your rosebush. i would have done the same thing.

    hope you are doing well.

  3. ....And she's back. Håber det var niced i fabulous Milan!

  4. that park looks so beautiful! our parks are full of young people, getting drunk :(


  5. Phew! Godt den lille Eg klarede frisag! Han er en fighter du! En fighter! Vi ses om et par timer!

  6. huch, is that hellokitty damaged ???

  7. wow where did she find that bottle? so cool!

    havent seen anything like it so far..

  8. Don't worry igl, Kitty is fine!
    She just got weighed down by the snow.

    Haiti, Corey, Haiti!
    We think they're used for spells and stuff. Uuuuu.

  9. Thank Kittygod,...!
    I can´t see them suffer agonies !

  10. ha.. ok...
    i just looked at the picture again.. and my grandma has two of those little brown bears.. i love them!

  11. Really? I got mine from my grandmother!
    Me and her wrote my name under it when i was little, so i'd inherit it when she died.
    Which i did.
    It sounds kind of morbid, but it was really sweet.