Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know it's hard to tell, but i am back

We came back from Milan yesterday, but the whole day i was just too tired to blog.
But it was fun and man, do i have pictures to show and stuff to tell.

So why not now?
Well, cause i'm still at friggin work (it's almost ten) and i can't leave yet.
Busy day.
And when i do get home, i'm gonna need to cook some dinner.
But after that, i'll post some Milan stuff for sure.

So, how was everyones weekend?


  1. Fin weekend, men savnede min brok/blog buddy! He he!
    I morgen kommer jeg ind! YAY!!!

  2. hurray, you're back!

    blogger has been very quiet with you gone! i've had no blog updates to read! that says a lot about how i have nothing else to do but lurk blogger.com haha


  3. Uh og crap, at I stadig er på work! Håber snart I kan komme hjem!

  4. Jeg har været i Open Range Zoo! Rimelig tæt på at være ligesom at være i Afrika. Crazy!
    Velkommen hjem :)

  5. it was valentine's day. so for me, it was kind of crap. but in general, any weekend is a good one. :)


  6. We didn't even notice valentines day, being at a hotel in Milan working. And i don't think the italians celebrate it much at all.

    Hurra for zoo, du er så friggin heldig!
    De koala billeder var forresten alt for vilde. Jeg må ha' mig sådan en!