Monday, February 2, 2009

I heart skulls

Sunday was all about chillin' and painting.
Mostly painting.

Allan worked on his Milan flash and i painted a tiny sugar skull that i made from this clay type material.

My desk is a mess
Almost done
Goldtooth, cause he's a playa yo
And back

I'm not 100% happy with it, but for a test it turned out ok.
Now i just have to make a hat to put it on.
And find a way to make it stay there....

In Austin, me and Tina were talking about how awesome it would be to find some tiny bird skulls to put on our hats, but they're so hard to find.
Not to mention fragile.
So i made this out of Fimo.
Again, it's just a test, but i think worked out ok.

Tiny owl skull
Should be fun doing something with these things!


  1. Jeg har hørt at man kan finde musekranier i uglebræk i skoven, kan de bruges?
    Jeg må dog sige, at jeg er MEGET imponeret over uglekraniet! Og kranie-kraniet er SÅÅÅ fint!!
    Tak for i dag. I er yay!

  2. Selv yay!
    Oh, ja, hvis du skulle falde over noget uglebræk med kranier i, så tag dem endelig op og giv dem til mig!
    Men brug en pose, ikk? Du skulle nødigt få muse-tyfus jo!

  3. next time you make some sugar skulls or bird skulls, put a little hook in them so they can be made into necklaces?

    i want to buy one off you! they are so cute! xxx

  4. Sure, i'll make a skull necklace for you!
    Which would you prefer, owl or sugar skull? Or a mexican owl?
    The possibilities are just endless...

  5. oooh suprise me! :)