Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home sweet...

We had a very chill saturday, followed by a not so chill sunday.
But still, a good one so far.
We've pretty much been cleaning, organizing and fixing stuff since we woke up.
Which was late, by the way, because Lucifer decided to get sick on the floor a bunch of times during the night.
Poor baby.

It's nice to get some of the stuff done that we don't have time for during the week.
But it's also kind of crazy that there's still so much to be done here, we have after all lived here for, what, a year and a half now?

Anyway, i took the advice of some interior design magazine i bought at the airport in Austin, and organized the book piles that were already on the floor.
It still doesn't solve our problem of having too many books and nowhere to put them, but it buys us some time.

I like the idea of organizing my mess instead of cleaning it up

I also took a shot at the workroom, in particular the corner behind Allans desk.
I took most of our posters down to the basement and i made a curtain for the desk, to hide all the crap that's under it.
Worked out pretty well, i think.

The fabric is the same as on the sofa by the window, an attempt to tie the room together (and also, it's the only fabric i have that much of)
After cleaning the kitchen i discovered something very sad: the gross little plant bugs had spread to my tiny oak tree.
Not the leaves, yet, but they were all over the soil.
But i found a recipe for some bug soap online and, lucky for me, i already had all the ingredients.
Lets hope this takes care of them once and for all.

Poor guys, banned from the apartment
Oh, and here's another project that i started last week, but forgot to post about.
I brought a bunch of my favorite postcards and stuff to the shop and laminated them.
I'd forgotten about the laminator, but now that it's at the shop i use it all the time.

Everything flat must be laminated!

I hung all the postcards in the bathroom, on the wall next to the window that you can't drill into.
It really made a big difference, i think.

Keeping all my perfumes and oils and stuff on a pretty tray is another trick from that design magazine


  1. Oh, how funny! - I've had my perfumes organized in exactly the same way for some time now! Fancy that! ... But you clever girl! You've just given me some new great ideas for organizing some of my own crap! He-heh! ... And you make me want to fill some space on my walls with all sorts of pictures! ... Hugs for all you guys - including poor little Lucifer!!

  2. Åh nej! Stakkels lille Egefyr! Hang in there! You're a fighter! Jeg ved du har det i dig!!
    Og stakkels lille Lucifer! Er han okay igen?

  3. Gwaaaar, fear The Laminator! :-)

    Forresten: Bruger du parfume eller naturdims? Jeg må nemlig ikke bruge parfume for tiden, men får også fniller af sådan noget lavendelhørm. Gode råd modtages!

  4. Hehe, alt der slutte på -tor lyder lidt som en dommedags maskine!

    Jeg bruger mest naturstads, jeg prøver langsomt at gå 100% øko.
    Den jeg bruger nu købte jeg i usa, den dufter meget let af vanille og appelsin.
    Det er ikke en parfume, bare en opfrisker (eller noget i den stil kalder de den vist).
    Prøv evt pure shop eller mynthe i Bagerstræde, de plejer at ha' nogle meget gode ting.