Saturday, February 21, 2009

Earlier today in another part of Copenhagen

While my parents are off on a well deserved tropical holiday, me and Allan are the proud pretend-owners of their car.
Today we decided to take it for a spin, and we went to Brønshøj to visit my grandfather.
Lucky for us, my cousin Rasmus and his two beautiful boys had gotten the same idea.
And since this weekend is Fastelavn, a kind of danish Halloween, they'd baked fastelavnsboller (a kind of pastry) too.

Before going upstairs, we went to the park across the street, where Lucifer peed on a snowman
William made (with a little help from his dad) a pair of glasses out of pipe cleaners, while his brother watched cartoons
Yup, they were pretty fancy
Maybe Lucifer would like to try them on?
No, no he did not

My grandfather was doing great today, we got to play with the boys whom i don't get to see nearly enough and while we were there my mom even called.
Good times.


  1. You caught the perfect light in the last two shots!

    Sounds like it was a good family gathering.


  2. those glasses are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!