Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't call it a depression

I'm having a minor case of the winter sadness today.
Not that i'm having a bad day, work was fine (finally finished sorting out all the bills and stuff) and our customer of the day had even baked cake and brought it all the way to Denmark for us.
Now that's thoughtful.

But still, i decided to go home early (that means before 7 pm) and i'm feeling pretty good about that.
I've been playing around with Lucifer, who also enjoyed getting off work early for a change.

And now i think i'm gonna try to get creative with something, i haven't had time for that in weeks.

I bought some flowers yesterday, so at least it's spring inside


  1. awww daffodils :) they are the flower of my country. its st. david's day (the day of the patron saint of wales) on sunday and everyone in wales has daffodils pinned to them, and in their houses. its cute :) xxx

  2. Godt at du benhårdt skærer igennem engang imellem og tager hjem og hygger! Uden hygge og hygge, duer helten ykke! Right?