Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ah, the sweet smell of success, sort of...

Ok, i'm home and i'm awake and the internet is working.
Time to blog about Milan before something goes wrong.

I'm finding it hard to start this post cause there is so much i wanna tell, but sometimes i just can't figure out where to start.
So i'll start with something a bit more personal than usual.

I've never really been good at promoting myself.
Or believing in the compliments that nice people sometimes pay me.
So whenever i create something it i usually just keep it to myself, thinking that no one else will find it remotely interesting.
That has changed a bit since i started this here blog.
I post about stuff i've made, and cause this blog is my personal space (that just happens to be available to the entire interwebbing world) i don't feel super self conscious about it.

So this blog, and the people who read it, has given me the confidence to do a bit more networking and not be so shy about everything i do.
I'm ranting, but what i'm really getting at is that Milan went really well both for the shop, but also for me personally.

I think i told you, but the night before we left i stayed up late to finish a hat.
The hat was a present for someone working at the convention and she was kind enough to wear it the whole day saturday.

And she looked gorgeous, as she always does, so a lot of people where taking her picture and some even talked to me about her hat after finding out it was my work.
Yes, sadly that's about as close to a personal success as it gets for me (if you wanna know about the foul stench of failure, however, i'm your girl!)

That's what the finished hat looked like (it's on a headband covered in black silk ribbon, cause the skull is a little too heavy for a pin hat)
And one more shot from the hotel room in Milan
And here's Sunny wearing the hat i made!
She sometimes reads this blog, so she'd pretty much already figured out it was for her
All tattooers should wear hats is what i think
And in return (not that i was expecting anything) i got this super cute business card case and a print that i'll take some pictures of after i've framed it

I also decided to bring a hat to wear myself this year.
And i gotta agree with Sunny, wearing a hat is a sure way to get attention.
I'm normally not one of those girls who gets her picture taken at conventions and that's probably because i don't dress up a lot for these events.
And i gotta admit, i've always been just a little jealous of friends who are always asked to pose for pictures and sometimes even have to dress down to get less attention.
I mean, come on, we all just wanna feel pretty you know?

So saturday i was wearing a red top and one of my red headband hats.
I felt a little weird and overdressed at first, but then i came down to the booth and Chriss was nice enough to compliment me on the hat and i felt all better.

It seemed like there was an awful lot of people taking pictures of Allan working, more than usual.
But after a while we noticed (Allan way before me) that people were actually taking my picture.
Pretty sweet!
I even got asked to pose for photos a few times while walking around.
And, also while walking around on the main floor, i was talking to a girl from Sweden who asked about my hat and i gave her a business card (yeah, i brought a ton of those).
I realize this sounds like minor things, but they made me really happy.

There aren't many pictures of me from our cameras, cause Allan was working a lot, but i did take a few of myself in the hat.

In the hotel room wardrobe
A closer look
That's the one, it's so comfortable and easy to wear that i think i might keep it for myself
Later that same night, after a hat change (it was cold out), i was in the lobby doing the hummingbird with Tasha and Anne (i stole the picture off Anne's facebook)

Ok, this post is getting way too long, i'm just really excited about finally getting to share some of the experiences of this weekend with you guys.

I will post more about Milan soon (if these late nights don't kill me first).
Maybe i'll even post some tattoo pictures, cause in case you forgot (reading this post i wouldn't blame you) it was a tattoo convention!


  1. you shouldnt be shy! when people say the hats and other things you make are beautiful, its because they are!

    you should show off more!

    if i had any talent like you obviously have, i'd be showing off all the time! as it happens, i have no skills whatsoever... haha


  2. I'm sure you do, maybe you're awesome at carpentry or something, who knows?

    Sometimes i feel like i just sew and glue random stuff together and go tah daah, but doing it is fun and i guess that's what's important in the end.
    Thanks for liking it, it makes me very happy!

  3. well, im trying to learn to do new things, its fun trying i guess!

    im good at making tea though! tea is the best :) xxx

  4. Mouse du ved hvordan jeg har det! Du er fuld af talent, fuld af beauty (indeni OG udenpƄ), fuld af kreativitet og fuld af pep! Du er hele pakken! OG en pose chips oveni!

  5. Wouldn't it be even sweeter if you happened to come across somebody's blog and found pictures of you with the hat?

    Beautiful creations. And you guys wear them so well!