Friday, February 27, 2009

New addiction

I'm still at work, so i have no way to post pictures or anything relevant like that, so i'll just do a little TV rant instead.

Since we moved about a year and a half ago (or is it two, i just can't remember?) we haven't had a TV.
I mean, we have a TV, there just aren't any channels on it.
When we moved into our new apartment there were no channels and we decided not to get any.
I don't mean to sound all preachy, but it's seriously changed our lives for the better, we get so much more stuff done now than before.
And whenever some show gets really hyped and is in the headlines every day, like X Factor or Dancing with the Stars, we're blissfully unaware of who all the people involved are.
It's great, i tell you.

So these days, when i say to Allan:"wanna watch some TV?" i'm either takling about watching a dvd* or going on ninjavideo. net and streaming some TV shows.

Lately we've been all about watching 30 Rock on ninjavideo.
We're both completely in love with that show, in particular Alec Baldwin (who even knew he was that funny?) and Jack McBrayer.
And of course Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, who got us saying the frase "i want to go to there" all the friggin time now!

I'm loving all the Star Wars references on that show, the best one so far has been Liz threateting Kenneth:
"I'm going to cut you open like a tauntaun, you mouth-breathing Appalachian".

Ok, now i'm bored and i wanna go home.

* We have a lot of shows on dvd, including Buffy, Angel, Twin Peaks, Firefly, Carnivale, Weeds, Big Love, Dexter and many more.

No no no no no!

This is just unacceptable!
Seriously, enough with the remakes, i can't take any more.

This comment pretty much sums up how i feel about this project:
"Maybe if I bent my childhood over a chair, Hollywood could shaft it more thoroughly?"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't call it a depression

I'm having a minor case of the winter sadness today.
Not that i'm having a bad day, work was fine (finally finished sorting out all the bills and stuff) and our customer of the day had even baked cake and brought it all the way to Denmark for us.
Now that's thoughtful.

But still, i decided to go home early (that means before 7 pm) and i'm feeling pretty good about that.
I've been playing around with Lucifer, who also enjoyed getting off work early for a change.

And now i think i'm gonna try to get creative with something, i haven't had time for that in weeks.

I bought some flowers yesterday, so at least it's spring inside

Long Beach

We're doing the Ink N Iron convention in Long Beach again this year.

The Queen Mary hotel usually sells out pretty quickly, so i called them and booked our room last night.
That call is probably gonna cost us a fortune, i think i was on hold for at least 10 of the 15 minutes the call lasted.
Oh well.

We got a deluxe stateroom, which looks a little something like this (or at least i hope so, cause some of the rooms are tiny)

The nice lady at the reception asked if i had any special requests or preferences and i actually told her to not give me one of the haunted rooms.
I felt like such an idiot saying it, but the ship is supposedly haunted, and some rooms are worse than others.

A girl we know, who stayed right down the hall from us last year, woke up in the middle of the night with an old man ghost sitting at the foot of her bed, and i am not having any of that in my room.
I am, however, gonna do the tour this year!

And as an added bonus to this already fun convention, The Slackers are playing this year.
And a bunch of other bands too, but yay Slackers!

Don't know if we're getting any dumb convention tattoos this year, last years is kinda hard to top.


A quick post before bedtime, i just haven't had time to post before now.

After work i went straight home and started cooking.
Martin was coming over for dinner, not that i throw a party for him every time he comes by, it was just a good excuse to go a little overboard with some improvised Japanese food.

So i cooked for almost two hours and it came out pretty good.
A spicy tofu/vegetable dish, some tempura, lots of rice and Korean nori, seaweed salad, miso soup and edamame.
Not a traditional meal in any way, but fun and tasty none the less.

I counted at least four different kinds of seaweed at this table, yum

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


There's still some ice left on the lake, and it is pretty damn cold, but today was also a beautiful day with sunshine and spring flowers.

And this guy, one of my favorite birdies

Non virtual friends

Sometimes, when she can find time in her busy, busy schedule, and i'm not in some other country, my friend Helle comes by the shop to remind me that i still have friends that exist outside of my computer.

I don't see the few friends i have very often, but her willingness to walk all the way to Nansensgade and hang out at a tattoo shop makes it a lot easier to find time to hang out.

Today she brought along that short person she's been hanging out with a lot lately, and also her magic pants full of dog treats.
Uh, and scones.

Lucifer likes Helle, but he's not a big fan of sharing the attention with Calvin
Dog butt vs. monkey butt
How cute is that? Pretty damn cute!
Lucifer attending an all you can eat pocket buffet!
The greedy little bugger didn't even come up to chew, he just stayed down there till all the treats were gone!

Ah, good times.
After they left i had a ton of work to, but i don't even wanna get into that, i get all stressed just thinking about it.
And no, i still haven't figured out the mystery of the supply bill.

Mmmm, Mark Ryden

I bought this book at the convention in Milan.
It's so pretty, my favorite of his for sure.

The paintings are amazing of course, but the book also show details of the stunning wooden frames, like this one
Mmmm, magical

I've said it before and i'll say it again; all things flat must be laminated!

I added some more postcards to the bathroom wall today.
I'd completely forgotten we had a bunch of Miss Van postcards left (we already have one up in the livingroom), but Allan found the rest when he cleaned up his corner yesterday.
I don't mean to brag (yes i do) but she was at our shop once.
Yup, true story.

They're almost at the ceiling now

Also up, some more of Sunnys work

Not your average monday

We got off work unusually early today.
Early enough to go home and take a nap together (ah, joy), eat some dinner and go to the movies.
That's huge for us.
Not only because we're never home early, but also because we rarely go anywhere without the dog.
Yeah, it's pretty pathetic.

But today we left him alone for a few hours to go see Låt den rätte komma in at the small movie theater on our street.
Yes, there's a movie theater on our street, it's so awesome!
If you knew our old neighborhood, you'd understand our excitement.

Cute, right?
Vester Vov Vov
The movies playing there at the moment, i really wanna see Man on Wire
Very artsy

The café au lait was good and there was enough room on the armrest for the cup and saucer
The movie was great, i really recommend it.
So pretty too.
I reminded me that i have to stop watching mindless, entertaining crap all the time and start getting back into watching good movies.

Oh, but get this: we were in our seats watching previews, for the only other three movies playing there, when this couple come in.
It was just them, us and two other dudes, placed in opposite ends, in the whole room.
So, six people there were to watch the movie.
So they get in to the row in front of us and the dude asks the guy sitting there to move cause he's in his seat.
Seriously, the theater is empty!
There may be numbered seats, but he could have just sat next to him, who cares.
But no, he gets the guys to move, and he and his girlfriend sits down.
But then, for some reason, she decides to move one seat over, so they tell the guy sitting alone that he can move back to where he was sitting when they came in, and he actually moves for them. Again.
I was stunned, but really, it's such typical danish behavior, bossing others around for no good reason, just cause they feel they're right to do so.
I think i need a vacation.

Cold 1, Amalie 0

Today we woke up to find all the snow gone.
Not that i didn't like it while it was here, but i am getting a little sick of winter.
It looked so dry and mild out, that i decided to not wear boots.
A ballsy move, i know.
And not necessarily a good one.
It was windy as fuck and i almost flew off my bike a couple of times.

On our usual lake detour i had to take a break and put Lucifer back in the basket.
A tree was being cut down, so me and a few other pedestrians had to wait until they had cut it up in smaller pieces before we could pass.
But they were very efficient so it didn't take long.

Lucifer was not too happy with these people and their powertools interrupting his morning run
As for todays outfit, i was going for librarian chic, but i didn't have any cute heels to match the dress, so it ended up looking like plain librarian (but Allan liked it, so i was happy).
As you can maybe tell, those shoes are not nearly warm enough for 0 degrees c.

I bought the dress at last years Long Beach convention, but today is actually the first time i've worn it
Like a little old lady going to the market

Monday, February 23, 2009

My brain hurts

I'm at work trying to figure out some supply bills and stuff, but i'm not a very mathy person and it's driving me insane.
I feel like i'm in one of those dreams where you dial a phonenumber over and over again, but keep getting the last digit wrong.
Ever had one of those?
They're fucking annoying and so is this.

Why is this so hard?
I'm wearing glasses for christ sake!
They are supposed to make you smarter, right?

Tricky numbers aside it's been a good and productive monday, so i shouldn't complain.
Ok, back to work.

Ps. We watched Gran Torino last night and Clint Eastwood is hilarious!
It's serious too, but no one does grumpy old man like the Clint.
Good stuff.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home sweet...

We had a very chill saturday, followed by a not so chill sunday.
But still, a good one so far.
We've pretty much been cleaning, organizing and fixing stuff since we woke up.
Which was late, by the way, because Lucifer decided to get sick on the floor a bunch of times during the night.
Poor baby.

It's nice to get some of the stuff done that we don't have time for during the week.
But it's also kind of crazy that there's still so much to be done here, we have after all lived here for, what, a year and a half now?

Anyway, i took the advice of some interior design magazine i bought at the airport in Austin, and organized the book piles that were already on the floor.
It still doesn't solve our problem of having too many books and nowhere to put them, but it buys us some time.

I like the idea of organizing my mess instead of cleaning it up

I also took a shot at the workroom, in particular the corner behind Allans desk.
I took most of our posters down to the basement and i made a curtain for the desk, to hide all the crap that's under it.
Worked out pretty well, i think.

The fabric is the same as on the sofa by the window, an attempt to tie the room together (and also, it's the only fabric i have that much of)
After cleaning the kitchen i discovered something very sad: the gross little plant bugs had spread to my tiny oak tree.
Not the leaves, yet, but they were all over the soil.
But i found a recipe for some bug soap online and, lucky for me, i already had all the ingredients.
Lets hope this takes care of them once and for all.

Poor guys, banned from the apartment
Oh, and here's another project that i started last week, but forgot to post about.
I brought a bunch of my favorite postcards and stuff to the shop and laminated them.
I'd forgotten about the laminator, but now that it's at the shop i use it all the time.

Everything flat must be laminated!

I hung all the postcards in the bathroom, on the wall next to the window that you can't drill into.
It really made a big difference, i think.

Keeping all my perfumes and oils and stuff on a pretty tray is another trick from that design magazine

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Earlier today in another part of Copenhagen

While my parents are off on a well deserved tropical holiday, me and Allan are the proud pretend-owners of their car.
Today we decided to take it for a spin, and we went to Brønshøj to visit my grandfather.
Lucky for us, my cousin Rasmus and his two beautiful boys had gotten the same idea.
And since this weekend is Fastelavn, a kind of danish Halloween, they'd baked fastelavnsboller (a kind of pastry) too.

Before going upstairs, we went to the park across the street, where Lucifer peed on a snowman
William made (with a little help from his dad) a pair of glasses out of pipe cleaners, while his brother watched cartoons
Yup, they were pretty fancy
Maybe Lucifer would like to try them on?
No, no he did not

My grandfather was doing great today, we got to play with the boys whom i don't get to see nearly enough and while we were there my mom even called.
Good times.

Junk food, without the junk part

It's saturday night and we made organic pizza.
Not that i'm above buying my pizza now and then, but i do prefer making them myself.
Also, i'm mostly herbivore these days and the pizza places never put enough veggies on the veggie pizzas.

Just add water
Halfway there
Tah dah, his and hers pizza

Now, ice cream and 30 Rock on Ninjavideo.

I love you ebay

Winning american auctions when you live in Denmark can be hard.
The auctions usually end around 4 in the morning and that's about an hour past my regular bedtime.
So the chance of getting outbid in the last minute is pretty big.
But sometimes i get lucky.
Friday i went to the post office (still hate them by the way) to pick up the result of one of those lucky auctions: a new (vintage) coat.
And this is me and my new coat walking Lucifer at the park yesterday.
The coat is not as windproof as my old one, but it's roomy and fun.
Love it already.

It's pretty long and big and it has a hood, i'll have to get a better shot

The booth

There we were, same as last year, way in the back room of the convention.
The main floor is so crowded it can take half an hour just to go from a booth to the bathroom, so we were happy to get a booth in the back.

That's Chriss, setting up his sketchbooks and portfolio and stuff (he's not usually this organized, it was very strange to see)
Allan putting up his original paintings for sale, we only sold one, but we may have overprized them a bit cause we really wanted to keep them all

So we thought we had a sweet spot, but it turned out to have a serious con: we sat right under the very loud, very high pitched speakers, that could not be disconnected. All day friday they played the same horrible Kid Rock album, loud, over and over till we almost went mad. After the third time i had to go to the hotel room with a bad Kid Rock headache. The next day the volume got turned down a bit, and Kid never returned...
Allan working on his first client, the very patient Fabian
No, Allans client is not smoking, we'd just bought a massive amount of lollipops at the supermarket, enough to share with everyone
That's me on sunday, Anne took the picture and as usual i look like a dork

I have lots of tattoo pictures too, but i don't want to publish them until Allan and Chriss have had a chance to, so maybe later.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pizza italiano!

In Milan we ate at either the pizza place down the street or the hotel restaurant.
I ate grilled vegetables and Allan ate pizza.
They do make great pizza there.

With salame
Aww, S+C forever!
The one night i had fish, it was pretty good
Last night, a different pizza place (the kind where they watch football and yell at the tv) and a different kind of pizza, old style i believe

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wtf, internet?

Update: Scroll down for the latest post, the order is effed up again!

We've had some busy days and late nights at the shop lately.
But yesterday i went home early for a doctors appointment and spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, cleaning and editing pictures for the blog and the article i'm doing on Milan.
And i spent some time with my parents who are in town.

When Allan came home we went to my parents apartment and had dinner with them and my aunt who moved in next door to them.
It was really nice just being able to drop in on my family, it makes me wish they lived here all the time.

Anyway, me and Allan (and Wookie and this guy we met in Milan who's guestspotting in Denmark) went to see a show at Vega.
It was good, but as ususal i wasn't really feeling it.
And the crowd were surprisingly preppy!
Allan had to go home and draw, i had blogging to do, Eric (the Milan guy) was going all the way back to Helsingør and Wookie had an entire band that needed to stay at his place, so we all went home early.
And i was finally gonna blog about Milan.

And then (stop me if you've guessed this already) the internet dies!
All night it's just out.
And there's no way to contact the company that late.
Allan was pissed, he needed reference pictures for todays tattoos.
It sucked.
And now i'm late for work, so i still don't have time to blog.
I'm not even gonna say i'll do it later cause who the hell knows?
But maybe.

Ah, the sweet smell of success, sort of...

Ok, i'm home and i'm awake and the internet is working.
Time to blog about Milan before something goes wrong.

I'm finding it hard to start this post cause there is so much i wanna tell, but sometimes i just can't figure out where to start.
So i'll start with something a bit more personal than usual.

I've never really been good at promoting myself.
Or believing in the compliments that nice people sometimes pay me.
So whenever i create something it i usually just keep it to myself, thinking that no one else will find it remotely interesting.
That has changed a bit since i started this here blog.
I post about stuff i've made, and cause this blog is my personal space (that just happens to be available to the entire interwebbing world) i don't feel super self conscious about it.

So this blog, and the people who read it, has given me the confidence to do a bit more networking and not be so shy about everything i do.
I'm ranting, but what i'm really getting at is that Milan went really well both for the shop, but also for me personally.

I think i told you, but the night before we left i stayed up late to finish a hat.
The hat was a present for someone working at the convention and she was kind enough to wear it the whole day saturday.

And she looked gorgeous, as she always does, so a lot of people where taking her picture and some even talked to me about her hat after finding out it was my work.
Yes, sadly that's about as close to a personal success as it gets for me (if you wanna know about the foul stench of failure, however, i'm your girl!)

That's what the finished hat looked like (it's on a headband covered in black silk ribbon, cause the skull is a little too heavy for a pin hat)
And one more shot from the hotel room in Milan
And here's Sunny wearing the hat i made!
She sometimes reads this blog, so she'd pretty much already figured out it was for her
All tattooers should wear hats is what i think
And in return (not that i was expecting anything) i got this super cute business card case and a print that i'll take some pictures of after i've framed it

I also decided to bring a hat to wear myself this year.
And i gotta agree with Sunny, wearing a hat is a sure way to get attention.
I'm normally not one of those girls who gets her picture taken at conventions and that's probably because i don't dress up a lot for these events.
And i gotta admit, i've always been just a little jealous of friends who are always asked to pose for pictures and sometimes even have to dress down to get less attention.
I mean, come on, we all just wanna feel pretty you know?

So saturday i was wearing a red top and one of my red headband hats.
I felt a little weird and overdressed at first, but then i came down to the booth and Chriss was nice enough to compliment me on the hat and i felt all better.

It seemed like there was an awful lot of people taking pictures of Allan working, more than usual.
But after a while we noticed (Allan way before me) that people were actually taking my picture.
Pretty sweet!
I even got asked to pose for photos a few times while walking around.
And, also while walking around on the main floor, i was talking to a girl from Sweden who asked about my hat and i gave her a business card (yeah, i brought a ton of those).
I realize this sounds like minor things, but they made me really happy.

There aren't many pictures of me from our cameras, cause Allan was working a lot, but i did take a few of myself in the hat.

In the hotel room wardrobe
A closer look
That's the one, it's so comfortable and easy to wear that i think i might keep it for myself
Later that same night, after a hat change (it was cold out), i was in the lobby doing the hummingbird with Tasha and Anne (i stole the picture off Anne's facebook)

Ok, this post is getting way too long, i'm just really excited about finally getting to share some of the experiences of this weekend with you guys.

I will post more about Milan soon (if these late nights don't kill me first).
Maybe i'll even post some tattoo pictures, cause in case you forgot (reading this post i wouldn't blame you) it was a tattoo convention!