Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vacation time is over y'all...

So, being back is not super awesome.
It never is.
And we don't even have our baby back yet, he's still with my dog-stealing parents in Bisserup.

We spent most of the day with my grandfather in the hospital.
I don't wanna get into it too much, but let's just say he's had a rough couple of weeks and it sucked not being there to help him.
But he's alive and in a pretty good mood i must say.
That man is invincible. He's like part highlander or something.

We also caught up with Martin who has become kind of a big deal while we were away (we were only gone for a couple of weeks right?)
He's up for not one, but two awards on friday's P3 Guld awards.
That's our boy!

I'll post some real pictures tomorrow.
For now, here's what leaving Texas looked like.

Ps. Allan posted a bunch of lomo pictures yesterday.
I mostly slept.


  1. your leavin texas gw bush is arrivin id say good timin,

  2. it was awesome to meet yall!
    i hope you liked texas!
    roger has been crying since yall left!

  3. hope you grandfather feels better soon and I'm with anonymous: good timing on the departure!

  4. hope you grandpa gets better soon!

    it always sucks being back home, but i'm glad i'm home at the moment, i've just got a new job as shop manager in my tattoo studio! woo! :D x

  5. Thanks guys, i'm going to see him right now.
    And Annie, awesome to meet you too! Tell Roger we'll send him some pictures soon, so won't have to cry anymore!
    And yeah, seeing that chopper leave Washington yesterday made me think leaving Texas was a good idea too.
    Sorry they have to get him back though.

  6. im going to pretend that texas looked like that when i left too... but it was too early for me to notice, and no one was seated next to me so i was stretched out sleeping...

    i hope your grandfather is feeling better!!

  7. Thanks!
    I just came from the hospital and he was doing good today, even walking a bit, so it's looking up!

    Stretched out sleeping beats a nice view any day!