Sunday, January 4, 2009


Stuff from my old house.

Mini furniture with figurines (the pig is from Japan and the shells are new too, the rest is from the house)
Art by my mom, in an old, heavy gold frame


  1. that monkey is too, too cool!

    all the other treasures are wonderful too :)

  2. Your mom is so amazing! So artistic. Doesn't she make jewelry as well?

    I love the rooster. Is he holding a key?

  3. I know, my mom IS pretty amazing. She makes silver jewelry and she used to own this really hip boutique in the 60's. The designed and made all the clothes for that too. And she paints, and does ceramics. And she's handy with all tools and...
    Yeah, she's pretty annoying now that i think about it!

    The key is actually hanging on a smaill hook next to the rooster. He's from Portugal, i think.

    Ps. I'm very happy to have the monkey back!

  4. What is your monkey's name? I have one who is nameless!

  5. I think mine is nameless too. I had one called Oswald, but he was a suffed animal. I'll ask my mom, i he has a name, she'll know.