Monday, January 5, 2009

Second tattoo of '09

This was supposed to be done yesterday after the miso, but we were out of small liner tubes.
So it had to wait until today, after the real clients were done.

That crazy, awesome, longhaired husband of mine
Sorry for the blurry picture, but you get the idea
The old Russian gal got some touchup on the lines too, she still needs some more.
Good thing we finished Gears of War last night, cause i am in no condition to play right now.

Ps. If you were looking at this and thinking "sweet, i'm gonna go down to Nansensgade and get me me one of those babies", think again.

No finger, hand, neck or face tattoos are done at the shop.
It's the law in Denmark. Silly, maybe, but still the law.
And Allan really hates doing fingers. Trust me, he's still mad!
So why do i get to have one? Well, it's my shop dammit, that's why.
Also, no under 18's, ever.
But i think there's a long rant there for another time.


  1. Hi, I've just started to read your blog. Your present advent calendar interested me a lot :) Just want to say, I love your Russian doll tattoo. Love it!

  2. look at you go! Jeg er dog lidt misundelig over at du allerede har fået lavet to i år, og hvor mange har jeg fået? For lidt I tell ya!
    Men meget smuk og fin. Meget ala din mamas ikk?

  3. Hey Anna, thanks for checking out my blog!
    I was just reading some of the older posts on yours and i was happy to see that you're also fascinated by Türkmenbaşy renaming the months in Tukmenistan! I'm surprised how few people know about this, to change words just cause you feel like it, is, as you write, the ultimate power.
    I look forward to reading more of your stuff!
    Oh, and thank for liking my little old russian doll, they're becoming quite popular in the tattoo world. A girl i know did this one:

    Ps. Helle, du skal nok få dine snart! Jeg lover!

  4. Yay for snart! He he.
    Kan I nu have en god tur. Jeg holder fortet herhjemme til I er tilbage!
    Håber I får tid til at hygge jer rigtig meget!!

  5. great finger tattoos