Monday, January 5, 2009

Last night we saved the planet

Everyone can relax now, we got this!

Ok, so maybe it wasn't this exact planet, but who cares.
It was epic!
As if riding a Reaver wasn't fun enough, we got to ride a Brumak too!
The last couple of chapters were just so much fun, i barely noticed that my elbow was killing me.

Today, work.
Answering a ton of emails, sterilizing a ton of tubes.

Austin in a day and a half and i haven't started packing yet.
So basically everything is the same as usual.
How do i pack for Texas in January weather?
Looks like it'll be warm days and cold nights.
Suggestions are welcome.


  1. i LOVE sterilising tubes! its so fun!

    i need to find someone who wants to give me a job in a studio, so i can spend all day cleaning tubes!

  2. No one likes cleaning tubes!
    It's a scientific fact!

  3. i do! i sing a little song and do a little dance, there is much enjoyment! :D