Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's been snowing today

It's cold, but it doesn't feel nearly as cold as yesterday.
I'm feeling a little sad for some reason. But not much.
Nothing a little traveling can't cure, i bet.
I've been at work today, finishing stuff before leaving tomorrow.
And a bunch of people dropped by, as they tend to do when you're busy.
But it was still nice.

After i came home i hung out for a little while with my mom, aunt and my mom's friend in my parents apartment around the corner.
It's gonna be nice having them close by, if only on some weekends.
I feel like a nerd hanging with the older ladies, but they're good company.
And they always have wine. Boy, do they have wine.

Now it's late and i've started to pack a little (=put clothes in a pile).
We don't leave too early, so there's time tomorrow too.
And we're checked in. I love that you can do that the day before.

No photos from today (although i did see a few awesome in-the-dark duck landings on the way home from work and wish i could have photographed them) but here are two of my lomo fisheye pictures from the films we got developed the other day.

Self portrait in the bedroom, wearing the suspender skirt i got from Allan for christmas


  1. Gamle/ældre damer er seje!
    Du er også ret sej.
    Og billederne er seje!
    Og jeg håber i får en sej tur!
    Fjollet kommentar, men jeg er lidt træt. Buuhhh.

  2. Hvor ser dine tattoos cool ud på det billede!!