Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don't even know

I'm still transferring photos from this weekend to the laptop.
Things got a little crazy.

Now it's monday, we're at Tina's shop and i couldn't have gotten much more than three hours of sleep.
And yeah, i don't know where to start, so i'm just gonna post a couple of random photos and get back to you later.

Sometimes this happens...
So true
Garage sale next door to the convention
Giant lamp
Allan actually had time to get tattooed for once
Crystal getting a BOMB!
I wish this one was mine...
Corey and me, all blurry as usual
Fancy glasses at a delicious antique store
Feeding the local wildlifeIgnore the red eyes
Tina likes Roger


  1. That garage sale looks tempting! And good for Allan, getting a little break (can being needled yourself be called a break? hmm, i have to think about that, or you advise.). The thought of three hours makes me tired. But look at your skin? Your complexion looks fantastic. How does that work? Unfair. zo

  2. I think when 8 hour sessions on your back is what you usually get when you're getting tattooed, a small-ish tattoo on your arm CAN be considered a break. But he did say it hurt, so who knows...
    Oh, and i'm totally wearing foundation, i have the worst complexion.

  3. Hey, apropos ingenting, så kan jeg anbefale at gå i bio og se Slumdog Millionaire, hvis du keder dig en dag! Har lige set den og er begejstret.

    Det var bare det :-) Knus til jer.

  4. Ha, den var vi inde og se u går!
    Vi tog til Alamo Drafthouse som er den fedeste biograf i verden (de har mad!!)
    Og jeg er helt enig, det var en fin film!