Sunday, January 4, 2009

First tattoo of '09

Yup, that's what we did today. Not much else.

Tomorrow is a regular work day, so this was my last chance to get anything done before Austin and winter busyness.

And most people think i have it so easy.
Being married to a tattooer, you can get tattooed whenever you want, right?
Not the case. Just finding time for it can be difficult.
And me being his wife doesn't make things easier, as one might think.
I think most tattooers feel that way, actually.

We slept late, i did some laundry while Allan sketched.
I've had the idea for a long time (hell, i have a whole list) but Allan does everything last minute.

The lakes are frozen, not solid, but enough for the fireworks to be stuck in
And frozen enough for the birds to stand on it. Have you ever seen a duck land on ice? It's pretty much the funniest thing ever. If i didn't hate the cold so much i'd be sitting by the lakes in a beach chair looking at ducks all day...
I wasn't feeling very Zen today, not that i complained, but my elbow cramped up a lot. But it didn't take too long and i got to lie down and listen to Nina Simone
Behold, my miso soup!
You know, to go with my sushi tattoo (and general silliness of the whole arm)
We had to have sushi, and of course miso, when we got back home.
And watch some Bond, it's becoming a holiday tradition.
Our favorite sushi place is closed on sundays, so we got some from sticks n' sushi instead and it was just fine.
And wouldn't you know, the real life miso soup had three pieces of tofu in it too!

Now i have to go find out if my very bloody and very swollen arm will allow me to kill some alien scum before they sink Jacinto.


  1. Ha! I love it, it's adorable! A friend of mine told me once that she wanted to get "MISO SOUP" tattooed on her knuckles. I don't know if she ever will, but when she drinks she always ends up writing it there :)

  2. Thanks, I'm super happy with it too!
    I think your friend should get miso soup, it's a great knuckle idea!

  3. Det ser ud som en super hyggelig dag. Gåtur, ænder, tattoo og sushi. Verden ER virkelig din østers! Optur!

  4. Optur indeed!!
    Jeg er ked af at din drømmeverden sættes på pause i morgen, men husk der kommer flere ferier!

  5. its adorable!!! i love silly, random tattoos! :)

    ladt night i dreamt that i was in copenhagen, ready to see my sketches, and instead of doing me a manneki neko, he'd done me a sexy cat lady. the idea is growing on me actually!

    i think dreaming i'm in copenhagen shows how excited i am! :D

  6. Tak musen. Du er sød. I needed that pick me up!