Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been in need of a new laptop for quite some time now.
But i just couldn't be bothered to look for one.
I procrastinate a lot, always have.

But the other day me and Allan made some milk chai, sat down and started to put one together online.
After about half an hour i got bored (i sometimes have the patience of a wild ferret) and started rearranging the kitchen instead, but Allan finished the job and ordered it for me.
I only chose the color and a couple of technical details, but i trust him, i'm sure it'll be sweet.

This is what it looks like:

I don't really know why i chose purple, the pink one seemed a little too hysterical and the others too boring i guess?

And i did actually consider switching to mac, but i'm on a budget here and there's no way i could have gotten a machine like this for the kind of money i had to spend.
And also, when something is really popular i'll usually go buy the opposite (except of course in this case)!
It's not cause i wanna do the opposite, i just try not to believe they hype too much, that's all.
It's funny, cause i know a lot of people who say they don't care about brands at all, they're against them even, but when it comes to computers their loyalty to mac is almost a little disturbing.
Oh well, i guess everyone has "their thing".
I'm still trying to quit American Apparel.

But back to my new computer, i'll get it sometime in February, maybe sooner, and i'm starting to get pretty excited about it.
I wonder how long i'll be able to resist putting stickers on this one?


  1. I have a Dell laptop, its pretty sweet!

    Mine is pink with flowers on, the purple looks really pretty though!


  2. He he he!!
    Jeg synes den er fiiin!

  3. Another happy post! Thank God for purple, and congrats! Aren't you so excited? I'm kind of excited for you, if you need to borrow some excitement; I love getting new tech. crap, especially when it's only *kinda* new (the OS will be what you are used to already, so no big frustration). :) Nice! zo

  4. Ohh, lucky you! I have to get a new one, too, a MacBook... For me Mac was the first computer that I learned how to use computers with, so I feel very overwhelmed when I'm forced to use a Windows. Anyway, purple is a very good choice!

  5. Someone who has absolutely no idea what you mean about the hate brand thing/loving Mac people !! No idea what so ever !!!January 29, 2009 at 2:39 AM

    Purple's the shizzz-nitt !! Look's good ! I miss ya I miss ya I miss ya !! 'll be back in a week and a half ... Just in time for dinner ! See ya then ..... PC lover !

  6. Hihi, who could this possibly be, i'm so confused!!
    Miss you and see you soooon!!